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The Real Dirt on the Top-Rated Hand Vacuum


Let’s be real here: 99% of the time, cleaning absolutely sucks. We all moan and groan like little kids when we drop our food in the car, or when Fido sheds half his fur on our freshly mopped floors. I know that back when I was in college, after a long day of class, cleaning would be the last thing on my mind. Most of my “cleaning” consisted of picking up protein bar wrappers off the floor and using air fresheners to make sure my room wasn’t a health hazard to those passing by. I’d never use any vacuum to clean my dorm room unless it was absolutely necessary.

But now that I have a girlfriend who I share an apartment with, all of a sudden the game has completely changed. The love of my life, bless her heart, expects me to be a man and clean up after myself! After many lectures and eye rolls, I wanted to keep the peace between us and decided to shop for the best handheld vacuums. As I scrolled through the search results, a review from Better Homes and Gardens appeared. I vaguely remembered that my mom and grandma LOVE BH&G, and if they like something then it must have some cred. So I took the plunge and checked out their list of the top handheld vacuums of 2023. One of them immediately piqued my interest: the IonVac Lightweight Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. And this is where my cleaning journey begins.

I bought it, and upon the first use I was blown away. It can pick up almost anything with ease. My apartment, like most people’s, is usually a disaster, with dirt, dust, and pet hair everywhere. We have an 8-year-old Vizsla, my gorgeous red-haired hound, who I adore. But he sheds a lot. Too much. He leaves 20 metric tons of stinky fur on my wooden floors whenever he comes inside and shakes. It’s like he knows the agony he puts me through when he does that. Anyone with a dog or cat can surely sympathize. So now I’m very thankful to have a reliable quick-grab vacuum that can tackle his chronic hair problem.

As a competitive swimmer and frequent gym-goer, I like to eat. I enjoy big meals and late-night snacks, which equals a copious number of crumbs on my floors and mattress, much to the girlfriend’s chagrin. Breadcrumbs, little grains of rice…you name it, and it will probably be there. With the IonVac Handheld Vacuum, though, all those food stains and spills and messes are a thing of the past. I’m sure any athlete or bodybuilder can relate. For any of you foodies out there…I highly recommend.

I actually find the vacuum’s included attachments super helpful. Small, cramped rooms, dirty cars, those sneaky areas under your bed …none of them stand a chance up against the included extension wand. It gets deep into those crevices in your car seats, chairs, and couch cushions, and sucks up those tough stains and crumb colonies that are like a Bat Signal for my girlfriend to come and bust my chops. Once it’s all said and done, I just drop it into the stand next to the couch, ready to grab it if I hear her coming.

I also love how lightweight this vacuum is – only 0.28 lbs.! Not that I can’t handle carrying a heavy vac, but why would I want to? My muscles hate to exert themselves when it doesn’t involve lifting weights and getting big. I may be a strong guy, but having to bring a mammoth of a vacuum out of the closet every week whenever I need to clean would drive me nuts. That isn’t an issue with the IonVac Handheld Vacuum, as all you need to do is charge it and grab the easy-grip handle to clean anywhere. It’s an excellent option for anyone that can’t (or chooses not to) move around as much to target hard-to-reach spots, leaving my body energized and the GF happy. The BH&G review noted, “The lightweight design is perfect for those with low mobility or time-consuming cleaning projects”. After a long day at the office or a tough workout, I really appreciate a vacuum that’s easy to hold and maneuver throughout my home and car.

Perhaps the best thing about the IonVac Handheld Vacuum is that it’s super cost-efficient! Its low price is an absolute steal for such a versatile and useful little vacuum. It’s great for recent college graduates trying to save money for their own place, or anyone watching their spending. It’s also a smart choice for men that get lectured by their partners whenever they spend too much money on video games or protein powder…not that I would know anything about that. Better Homes and Gardens mentioned that the vacuum is “a great buy and one of the best handheld vacuums for cleaning up small debris, such as food, dirt, and fur.” It’ll give you a nice, clean space without having to break the bank.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the IonVac Handheld Vacuum. Not only is my mancave absolutely sparkling, but it also gave me major brownie points with my girlfriend. She was so impressed when she first saw me using it that she was willing to reduce our number of weekly “Emotional Get in Touch with your Feelings” sessions, which was the best gift I could ever receive. Check out for yourself what Better Homes and Gardens has to say in their 2023 top pick review. No matter who you are, you always get the clean you need. Kudos to the girlfriend for bringing me out of my comfort zone, and helping me understand that cleaning isn’t so bad with the right equipment, but also how much I’m secretly a fan of Better Home & Gardens. My grandma would be so proud…

For the full BH&G IonVac Handheld Vac review, click here

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