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Tzumi has been at the forefront technology, offering a vast array of sanitizing products (vacuums, wipes, masks, etc.) that make everyday life purer. If anything, developing products such as these proves that tzumi has foresight – going beyond the technology to see what’s necessary in the here and now. A good many of these products implement lithium-ion rechargeable technology. Not only does that offer improved performance, extending the lifetime of industrial batteries, but it significantly cuts their environmental impact.

We recognize the importance of supporting long-term ecological balance. We are reducing our eco-footprint by actively expanding the use of recycled and recovered components, parts, and materials in our manufacturing process. The result is not a “used” product, but a product that meets tzumi’s high quality testing and standards and is made in a better, environmentally friendly way.

By using recycled batteries, plastics, metal, and component parts, we avoid adding these items into the landfills and reducing our environmental impact. Our goal is to reduce our footprint and still bring you a great tzumi quality product.

tzumi strives to bring the latest in innovations to the masses rather than the classes and the name itself carries a promise of inventive ingenuity, affordable accessibility, and the goal of a better, easier life for everyone.

Together, we can #LiveAwesome…

Environmental Responsibility Guidelines

  • Recognize that environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with manufacturing high-end products
  • Hold all required environmental permits and keep them up to date
  • Monitor and minimize plant releases to air, water and soil
  • Give preference to recycling over disposal whenever safe and economically possible
  • Ensure safe treatment of hazardous production waste
  • Adhere to all laws prohibiting the use of specific substances
  • Communicate to tzumi all necessary information concerning the presence of hazardous substances (according to international chemical management regulations) and of Substances of Very High Concern

Practical Battery Safety Tips

  • Keep batteries out of areas with extreme temperatures
  • Don’t get batteries wet under any circumstances
  • Remove the battery from the item it is not being used
  • Dispose of batteries the responsible way via recycling
  • Don’t throw batteries out in the “regular” trash

How to Stay Ahead in the Recycling Game

  • Do a Google search to find a recycling facility near you
  • Browse Earth911 or Call2Recycle for quick and easy recycling options
  • Be sure to know and/or follow all local laws and regulations for proper battery disposal

Together, we can #LiveAwesome...