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Buying Guide: LED Phone Lights


How can I pick out the best LED phone light?

Doing some quick research online before buying a new smartphone LED light can save you plenty of time and energy. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful device that can securely hold your device, while also giving you the phone lighting you want for those perfect selfies and videos for Instagram, then read on.

First, check to see how many LED light bulbs your new phone light has, as well as how many brightness settings and color options it features. If your prospective light has 40-50 light bulbs or more, as well as 3 or more brightness settings and color options, then you know that you have a lot of versatility in terms of light customization. Diffuser plates are easy to attach to your phone light, and can instantly change the mood that your lighting gives off, so you can create the ideal vibe for your vlogs, photos, or videos.

It’s also important to see how your light can be recharged, and how easy it is to attach the light to the phone holder. You shouldn’t have much difficulty at all in terms of connecting the LED light to the phone holder, nor when it comes to charging the light when you’re on the go. Look for phone LED lights that can be recharged via USB—this means that it’s very easy and stress-free to just plug in the light and power it back up, no matter where you are.

Finally, make sure that your new light has a sturdy phone holder that you can trust—one that can securely hold any smartphone in place. No matter what kind of phone you have or how large it may be, we always recommend that you focus your search on phone LED lights that have a universal phone holder, so that you never have to panic about whether your phone (or someone else’s) will be able to fit inside or stay secure.

Price Power LED Voltage LED Bulbs Li-ion battery
$6.99 5W 5V 0.2W * 50PCS 3.7V, 600mah
Price $6.99
Power LED 5W
Voltage 5V
LED Bulbs 0.2W * 50PCS
Li-ion battery 3.7V, 600mah

What makes the ON AIR Video Light shine brighter than the competition?

No matter the occasion, the ON AIR Video Light gives you bright and customizable LED phone lighting that you can always rely on to set the ideal mood, while simultaneously holding your phone securely. It gives you greater peace of mind and lets you create the best content possible!

This LED phone light and mount features 50 high-powered LED bulbs and several diffuser plates for the ideal light color. It lets you set the perfect vibe wherever you are, and the light’s 3 brightness settings make sure that your photos, videos, podcasts, vlogs, video calls, and more look exactly how you want.

Along with a USB rechargeable design and a universal phone holder that snugly holds onto any smartphone, the ON AIR Video Light is a great lighting tool for all your social media needs.

ON AIR Video Light

Get the perfect glow in any setting with the ON AIR Video Light!
$ 6
  • 50 LED bulbs with 3 brightness modes.
  • 3 interchangeable light diffuser plates to set the mood.
  • Universal smartphone fit.
  • Perfect for vlogs, livestreams, podcasts, interviews, and Youtube or TikTok videos.
  • Includes USB charging cable.

How much should an LED phone light cost?

On average, a will cost anywhere from $8, all the way up to nearly $100 depending on what else is included in the package. Larger lighting kits with additional accessories will cost anywhere from $70-$100 and beyond, depending on where you plan to shop.

Currently priced at just $7, the ON AIR Video Light is one of the most cost-effective and versatile LED phone lights on the market! With 50 bright LED bulbs, 3 diffuser plates for different light modes, and 3 brightness modes, this powerful tool makes it a breeze to find the perfect light for photos, videos, podcasts, and more, while also keeping any smartphone securely in place with the universal phone holder!

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