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Buying Guide: Electric Wine Openers


What’s a sure-fire way to find the best electric wine opener?

If you’re in search of one of the best electric wine openers for all your date nights and house parties, then there are a handful of important things to keep in mind. Just about every electric wine bottle opener can get the job done in a pinch, but if you want a truly powerful and reliable tool that you can count on for a long time, then read on.

Your new electric wine opener should have a sturdy design, one that will certainly last a long time. There shouldn’t be any fancy controls or setup process; all you should have to do is press a few buttons to open your wine. Ideally, your new wine opener will have a slim, lightweight profile, so you don’t have to struggle while holding it, or worry about it falling and breaking.

Price Power Input Size Weight
4.99 25W 6V 1.89 x 9.09 in. (48 X 231mm.) 244g
Price 4.99
Power 25W
Input 6V
Size 1.89 x 9.09 in. (48 X 231mm.)
Weight 244g

In addition, it should have a powerful motor that will remove any cork in just a few seconds. Make sure to check a wine opener’s rated power before buying it, as this can make a huge difference in how easy and fast it is to open your wine. Look for wine openers with a rated power of at least 15W or higher—these options are quite powerful and will almost always result in a quick and clean wine-opening process.

Finally, check to see how your new wine opener can be powered or recharged. Some can be recharged via USB, while others can run on batteries. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer, but battery-powered wine openers tend to last longer than other options, so keep this in mind while you shop!

Why is the Tend Electric Wine Opener such a good pick?

The Tend Electric Wine Opener is one of the most potent and reliable wine bottle openers on the market!

This sleek, lightweight corkscrew wine opener features a 25W high-powered motor for quick and stress-free bottle opening. Plus, its easy-to-use two-button design ensures that you’ll only need a few seconds to remove the cork and open your wine.

With a versatile design that can fit most wine bottles, and a sharp foil cutter that can remove practically any foil seal, the Tend Electric Wine Opener is the perfect companion for any social gathering, including movie nights, home dinner dates, parties, and more!

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

The PROfit Eye Massager utilizes air compression, vibrations, and heat to deliver a relieving experience.
$ 4
  • Powerful wine opener quickly removes cork.
  • Simple two-button design: Cork Release and Cork Extraction.
  • Foil cutter easily removes any foil seal.
  • Sleek and lightweight design for easy portability.

How much do electric wine openers usually cost?

The price of an electric wine opener can vary quite a bit, based on where you like to shop. A new electric wine opener can cost between $13 and $20 on the lower end of the pricing scale, and $60 and beyond on the higher end. To both save money and maximize the value you get from your new wine opener, we recommend that you focus your search on options within the $20-$40 range, though feel free to shop outside of this range depending on your circumstances.

Currently priced at under $20, the Tend Electric Wine Opener is a great pick for any wine aficionado out there! With a powerful 25W motor, a 2-button design that’ll remove any cork in under 10 seconds, a foil cutter, and a slim design that’s easy to hold, this electric wine bottle opener is the ultimate saving grace for anyone that has trouble opening their wine!

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