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Troubleshooting Tips for your AuraLED Light Bar


Why isn’t the light bar turning on?

If your light bar isn’t turning on, you should first check that it is securely and properly plugged into a USB power source. Choose a power source that is clean, dry, and not visibly malfunctioning. Try using a different power source, if necessary, as the current one may not have enough power for the light bar, or it may be obstructed by dirt, dust, or debris.

Check that the remote’s battery is installed properly and does not need to be replaced, or that your phone or tablet is securely connected to the light bar via the tzumiLED app. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device, and that you have set up the app properly. Restart the process if you’re unsure.

When cleaning the LED light bar, only clean it by wiping it down with a soft cloth that’s either dry or damp. Do not use cleaning agents or other chemical solutions, as these can seriously damage the product. Remember, too, that this unit is not waterproof. Do not expose it to:

  • water
  • moisture
  • extreme temperatures
  • high levels of humidity

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that your light bar contains batteries and LED bulbs, so you must keep it away from flammable objects and excessive heat.

If all of the above suggestions do not result in the light bar turning on, then there may be an issue with one of its internal components. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the product by yourself, as this could cause an electrical short circuit, severe damage to the product, and/or serious injury to yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

Why won’t my light bar connect to the tzumiLED app?

Check that Bluetooth is available and turned on for your phone or tablet. It will not detect the light bar and allow it to connect to the app if Bluetooth is not activated. Restart your device if necessary. Be sure to have the app installed and fully set up on your device. Only try to connect the light bar to the app in an open area with strong Wi-Fi connectivity.

Make sure the light bar is already plugged into a compatible USB power source before attempting to connect it to the tzumiLED app. It will not be recognized via the app if it is not securely plugged into a power source beforehand.

Why isn’t the light bar getting as bright as it should?

Your light bar may not be properly connected to a USB power source. Unplug it, then plug it back in to see if that helps. Alternatively, switch to a different USB power source in a different room.

It’s also possible that you may just have to turn up the brightness setting via the tzumiLED app or the included remote. Use the controls to increase the light bar’s brightness to your desired level. If the bar’s LED display is blinking white, then that means it has reached its maximum brightness level.

Check that your remote’s battery doesn’t need to be replaced, and that your app is properly connected to the light bar, if the brightness doesn’t increase. If all else fails, then an issue may be present with the light bulb inside the bar. Contact Customer Service as soon as possible for next steps.

What should I do if my light bar’s base won’t stay in place?

Only place your light bar on a flat, hard, and stable surface, such as a desktop, nightstand, or kitchen counter. Make sure your chosen surface is clean and dry. Water or other liquids, dirt, dust, or debris may cause the light bar’s support base to slip out of place. Soft, uneven surfaces, such as a bed or couch, will also cause the light bar to move out of place frequently.

Clean the support base with a soft, dry cloth every few weeks. This will help it maintain a better grip on your desired surface. You should also ensure that it is not damaged or visibly malformed in any way. If the support base is damaged or doesn’t look right, reach out to us for further advice.

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