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Buying Guide: Smart LED Light Bulbs


What are the best smart LED light bulbs available on the market?

One of the best pair of smart LED light bulbs out there right now would be the AuraLED ColorDuo.

These ultra-bright bulbs are a versatile and energy-efficient lighting option for your home or office. They can instantly transform any indoor space with a personalized ambient glow!

The included wireless remote is a breeze to use, and lets you choose from 16 different colors. You can also customize the brightness, and even make the lights dance with four light rhythm patterns!

Lightweight and easy to install, the AuraLED ColorDuo bulbs are an innovative and adaptable lighting tool that will impress your guests and brighten up your home the way you want.

AuraLED ColorDuo (Remote)

Live a world of color with the ColorDuo by Aura LED.
$ 16
  • Comes with two color-changing LED light bulbs and one wireless remote.
  • Choose from a full color spectrum of 16 different colors.
  • Make the lights dance with four different light rhythm patterns: flash, strobe, fade transition, and smooth transition
  • Dimmable LED light bulbs help you match your mood.
  • Wireless remote control lets you easily adjust lighting color and settings.

Do smart bulbs require Wi-Fi?

Most smart LED light bulbs are controlled wirelessly through a smartphone or tablet, usually via a Bluetooth-compatible device. Many are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Wi-Fi is typically required to turn on and customize a smart bulb, regardless of where you choose to install it. This may not be the case for some bulbs, but it’s good to have a strong Wi-Fi signal in your home just in case.

You should check the type and strength of your Wi-Fi network before you purchase a smart bulb, just to ensure that it’ll be compatible with your home Wi-Fi.

How much do smart LED light bulbs usually cost?

The cost depends on the light bulb wattage, brightness, lifespan, and how many bulbs are included in the product. Single LED light bulbs can cost just $5 in some places, while large packs can exceed $30 in other stores.

At just $16, the ColorDuo bulbs provide ultimate lighting power and customization at an exceptional price. These wireless light bulbs illuminate any indoor space with radiant light, and add a personalized touch to your home. Along with multi-color light settings, adjustable brightness, and 4 fun light rhythm modes, as well as a 10,000-hour lifespan, these adaptable 5W bulbs are a smart and affordable choice for anyone looking to enhance their home with customizable and energy-efficient light.

Where should I install smart LED light bulbs?

This depends on the type of light bulb you have, but any compatible light fixture should work just fine. Table lamps, ceiling fans, bedside lamps, or that floor lamp you haven’t touched in years can easily hold a smart LED light bulb. Any dry, cool indoor space is an ideal spot, away from water or other liquids, as well as heat sources of any kind.

Smart LED light bulbs with multiple colors, light modes, and brightness settings are perfect for kids’ bedrooms. They are sure to adore these kinds of bulbs, as the best ones can serve as great night lights for those who have trouble falling asleep. Living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are also good location choices. Multi-colored light bulbs can make social gatherings, cooking time with family, and even just brushing your teeth an absolute blast!

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