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Buying Guide: Power Surge Towers


What should I keep in mind so I buy the best power surge tower?

You should check a power surge tower’s voltage and output first before even thinking about buying it, as well as the number of ports it has, and the kinds of ports that it has for your devices. This is critical because you want a power surge protector that has enough power to actually charge or power your devices, without shorting out or causing a power spike. In addition, you want a product that has the types of sockets and ports that your devices are compatible with, including AC sockets and USB ports. Ideally, your power surge tower will have at least 3 or 4 sockets or ports.

It’s also wise to consider a power surge tower’s size, weight, and overall design. You should focus your attention on products that are lightweight and compact; these will be easier to use and store on any flat surface of your choice. Power surge towers that have a sleek design that can stand upright and blend in seamlessly with any desktop or nightstand are ideal.

Finally, the longer your power surge tower’s power cord is, the more versatility you’ll have when it comes to moving the tower around and charging different kinds of devices. Whether you wish to use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, lamp, or alarm clock, you should have a sturdy and adaptable power surge tower to keep them safely powered or charged up all day long.

Price Cable Length Max Voltage - AC Max Output - USB
$24.99 5 feet 125V/10A 5V/2.4A
Price $24.99
Cable Length 22–38W
Max Voltage - AC 125V/10A
Max Output - USB 5V/2.4A

How much should a power surge tower cost?

The cost of a power surge tower differs depending on a couple of factors, including the number and types of charging ports it has, its size, weight, voltage, and output. Some power surge towers cost as low as $13 or $14 on sites like Walmart or Home Depot, while more expensive options may have a price tag of over $50.

Power surge towers with 3-4 sockets or charging ports will typically cost more than smaller and less versatile surge towers. Those that are taller, heavier, and have a longer power cord (anywhere over 6 ft.) will often carry a higher price tag as well. In addition, if the product has a large voltage or power output, then it will be able to charge or power larger and more advanced appliances. These usually tend to be very expensive.

The best power surge towers are the perfect blend of both reliable power and affordability. It should be capable of safely charging or powering your most important devices, while simultaneously keeping them safe from power spikes and outages that can severely damage their internal circuitry. Focus on finding a handful of options in the $20-$25 range, with multiple USB ports or AC sockets (ideally 3), and a power cord between 4-6 ft. that’ll give you versatility without being too long and getting tangled.

PowerStand Multi-Port Surge Tower

The tzumi PowerStand offers a safer way to stay powered with multiple AC sockets and USB ports.
$ 20
  • Surge protector with two AC outlets and two USB ports keeps your electronics safe
  • 5 ft. power cable
  • Compact, upright design that’s perfect for desktops and nightstands.
  • Made with flame-retardant polycarbonate.

What’s a popular power surge tower on Home Depot right now?

A highly-rated power surge tower on Home Depot right now would be the tzumi PowerStand Multi-Port Surge Tower. With a 5-star customer satisfaction rating from nearly 20 reviews and counting, it is a popular option for anyone needing to power their devices quickly and safely.

The 5 ft. power cord, high-voltage AC sockets, and sturdy flame-resistant design that you can rely on help this power surge tower stand above the rest. No matter what kind of device you’re hoping to power or charge, the PowerStand Multi-Port Surge Tower has got you covered!

Is the PowerStand Multi-Port Surge Tower good?

At under $25, the tzumi PowerStand Multi-Port Surge Tower is an awesome deal. It features several AC sockets and USB ports, letting you safely charge and power many of your devices at once.

This ultra-reliable surge protector also protects your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices from damage-causing voltage spikes, while boasting a durable 5 ft. power cable and a compact, upright design.

Great for desktops or nightstands, the tzumi PowerStand Multi-Port Surge Tower is the ideal tool for powering your home, office, and more!

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