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Troubleshooting Tips for your PWRSync 6ft. 3.5mm AUX Cable


Why isn’t the cable connecting to my device?

Ensure your device is sufficiently charged and powered on. Check that the cable is properly and securely plugged into your device, and that it isn’t wet, dirty, frayed, or damaged in any other way.

Make sure your device’s AUX port is clean and unobstructed by dirt, dust, or other debris. Your cable may not connect properly to your device if the port isn’t clean. Only use or store the cable in cool, dry environments, away from heat sources, water, or other liquids. Extremely hot or cold temperatures, as well as high humidity, can damage the cable and physically deform it over time, making it impossible to connect it to your device properly.

If your AUX cable still won’t connect, then perhaps a more serious issue is present. Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair it by yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

What should I do if the cable isn’t working?

You should make sure that the cable is fully inserted into your device’s AUX port, and that neither your device nor the cable is wet, dirty, damaged, or visibly malfunctioning in some way. Try unplugging the cable, then plugging it back into your device.

Check that the cable isn’t tangled or being stretched excessively, as this may prevent proper operation. If the cable is torn, or if it is stored or used in extremely hot or cold conditions for an extended period of time, do not use the cable. It is possible that the cable’s internal wiring was damaged in some way. Never try to cut open and repair the cable on your own. Contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible for further instructions.

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