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Buying Guide: Pop Filters


What’s one of the top-rated mic pop filters available at Target?

The ON AIR ProShield is a very highly-rated mic pop filter at Target. With a 4.5-star overall rating, from over 150 customer reviews, it’s one of the most reliable and popular pop filters available, and for good reason!

This universal microphone filter lets you record YouTube videos, interviews, vocals, instruments, and so much more with crisp, noise-free audio. The dual-layered screen blocks air blasts and hissing, while also minimizing peaking and other unwanted noises for the professional-level sound quality you deserve.

The ProShield’s sturdy screw-on base can be attached to nearly any mic stand or the edge of any flat, hard surface, while the flexible 360° gooseneck lets you easily position the filter at just the right angle.

Adjustable up to 21” in length and featuring a large 6” screen diameter for extra microphone coverage, the ON AIR ProShield is one of the best pop filter choices for just about anyone! Whether you’re a singer, podcaster, or voice actor, this microphone protection shield is the perfect addition to your home recording studio.

What should I keep in mind when buying a new pop filter?

When shopping for a new pop filter for your microphone, there are some important things to consider beforehand so you can make the best choice.

First, pay attention to the screen layers that your prospective filter has, as well as how many layers there are. You’ll want to focus your search on filters that have at least thick, durable layers, so that you can always rely on your filter to block out any air blasts, pops, creaks, hisses, and other unwanted noises.

You should also look at how large the filter’s screen is, and whether you can adjust the length of the filter. Many top microphone filters on the market are usually at least 4-5” in diameter, with quite a few of them being 6” or wider. A lot of filters are also extendable, and can be adjusted to over 12” in length with ease for extra comfort. We recommend investing in an adjustable pop filter so that you can fully focus on recording your audio, without having to strain your neck or lean too close to the microphone.

Finally, it’s worth considering how you can attach the filter to a mic stand or flat surface. You want your filter to stay firmly in place while you sing, talk, or play instruments for your audio recordings. If your pop filter has a screw-on base, then you’ll almost never have to worry about it dropping or falling over in the middle of your recording session. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have the perfect take of a song, interview, or video recording, only for it to completely go to waste because of poor audio quality. Eliminate that issue by finding a mic pop filter with a sturdy and flexible screw-on base.


Record your vocals, instruments, and other audio the way they were meant to be heard with the ON AIR ProShield!
$ 3
  • Universal screw-on base secures to almost any edge or mic stand.
  • Flexible & secure gooseneck bends 360° to your desired angle, and stays in place.
  • Dual-layered screen blocks unwanted noise for clear and quality recordings
  • Adjustable up to 21” in length for versatile positioning.
  • 6” screen diameter offers an efficient shield for your microphone.

How much should a pop filter cost?

It depends on where you choose to shop, but most pop filters will typically cost anywhere between $10-$25, though some larger and more advanced ones can cost $40-$50 and beyond.

At well under $10 right now, the ON AIR ProShield is the perfect pop filter for your home studio. With an adjustable length up to 21”, a large 6” screen diameter, and a flexible 360° gooseneck, this versatile filter is ideal for all your audio recording needs. The sturdy screw-on base lets you place it on almost any hard, flat surface, so you don’t have to worry about it falling or slipping out of place, while its dual-layered screen blocks any outside sounds from messing up your audio.

Whether you’re a brand-new YouTuber, aspiring podcaster, or stay-at-home voice actor, the ON AIR ProShield has always got you (and your microphone) covered!

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