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Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K


Always stay charged with the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K! Its 10,000mAh battery charges smartphones, tablets, and other devices many times overThrow the Pocket Juice in your bag or pocket to charge your devices on the go via USB, or use the universal folding AC adapter to charge from any standard wall outlet. Featuring a compact and sleek frame, it’s as stylish as it is functional and convenient. Plus, its four LED status lights accurately depict the remaining battery life and let you know when the charger is low on power.


The power bank that’s best for you will depend on your needs and the kinds of devices you have. However, no matter which device you wish to charge, you’ll want streamlined power and versatility in a sturdy and compact design when it comes to a new power bank.

Chargers with 2 or more charging ports and at least 7,000mAh worth of power will serve you well. Those with long lifespans and battery capacities provide the most value, since these can charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device several times over. Plus, they’ll last a very long time so that you can power your devices for years on end, without the fear of your power bank suddenly dying out.

Power banks with lightweight, durable designs that can easily fit in your bag or pocket are some of the best ones to buy, as these will give you greater peace of mind while you’re on the go, whether it be to work, the gym, or on a long plane ride.

The Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K is one of the highest-rated power banks on the market. In particular, it is currently a best seller on Walmart, with an overall 4.6 customer satisfaction rating, from nearly 600 reviews. With a slew of great features and ultra-fast charging for most USB-C compatible devices, it is a great option for anyone wanting to power their devices on the go!

Portable power banks are absolutely worth the investment, especially if you’re someone who likes to travel a lot, whether it’s for work or pleasure.

They can keep all your devices powered up all day long while you’re out and about. Plus, thanks to their sleek, compact design, they can usually be stored in your purse, backpack, or gym bag with no trouble at all, making them just as portable as they are powerful. The best part is that you won’t even have to worry about recharging your power bank that often, since many of them have long-lasting internal batteries that can last days before running out of power!

The cost of a portable charger will depend on several factors, including power output/rated capacity, lifespan, charging ports, device compatibility, size, and weight. Some cost as little as $11, while others can be listed at well over $80, with a few even nearing $100. Of course, this can differ depending on where you shop.

Portable chargers with multiple USB charging ports, lots of power, and universal charging compatibility with dozens of different devices are some of the most valuable in the power bank device category, of course, but these tend to be among the most expensive as well. Some of these ultra-versatile chargers are usually quite bulky and lack the sleek, lightweight design of other power banks. Smaller and more compact portable chargers may not have nearly as much charging power or lifespan hours as the more advanced power banks, nor as many charging ports, but they do tend to be cheap in terms of price, more compact, and easier to store and take anywhere.

Ultimately, the type of portable charger you buy will depend on how much power you need and how many devices you wish to charge, as well as where you wish to take the charger throughout the day. However, it’s important to remember that you can get immense value out of a smaller, sleeker, and less expensive power bank if you know where to search, almost as much value as you’d get out of even the most expensive chargers!

10K, or more specifically 10KmAh, refers to the portable charger’s rated capacity (mAh). This is the least output capacity under the rated voltage and current.

For example, a power bank with a rated capacity of 10,000mAh would have a minimum output capacity of 10,000mAh. No matter what, the portable charger will provide 1,000mA of power to your devices per hour, unless you are charging extremely high-power devices or are using the power bank in an extremely hot or cold environment.

When looking for a new portable charger, you want one with a higher rated capacity. The higher the rated capacity, the more power the portable charger can give to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, earbuds, and other devices before running out of juice. This will make life easier than ever while you’re at work or on a long road trip, and give you greater peace of mind so you can focus on what really matters.

The number of hours that a 10,000mAh power bank will last before needing to be recharged ultimately varies per each model of power bank. It depends on the type of battery the power bank has, as well as where you use and store the power bank, how old it is, and the number of devices you are charging. In addition, larger devices such as laptops or tablets will typically drain the power bank’s battery faster than smaller devices, such as smartphones or earbuds.

The best 10,000mAh power banks have a long battery life and can charge a smartphone several times over, with some being able to power a smartphone 5 times over before needing to be recharged themselves!

In many aspects, the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K is one of the smartest options available when it comes to portable chargers.

Its powerful and streamlined 10,000mAh battery quickly recharges most smartphones, tablets, and other devices several times over. Not only that, but you can also throw the Pocket Juice in your bag or pocket and charge your devices on the go. You can use either the dual USB-C ports or the universal folding AC adapter to charge from any standard wall outlet.

With a long battery life, and sleek, compact frame, it’s stylish, multi-functional, and remarkably convenient for you wherever you may go. Plus, it has four LED status lights that accurately depict the portable charger’s remaining battery life, and always keep you aware of when the charger is low on power.

It’s very easy to set up and use the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K. First, remove all components from the package. You should always fully charge your power bank after first removing it from the package, as some or all of its battery may have been discharged during transit. Use either the included USB-C-to-Micro-USB charging cable or the integrated folding AC wall adapter to fully charge your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K.

Then, choose a device that you’d like to charge. Clean both the power bank and your device thoroughly to ensure that the charging process goes smoothly. Then, with a charging cable that is USB-C compatible, plug the USB-C end of the cable into your Pocket Juice, and the other end into your device. The power bank’s LED indicator lights should stay on throughout the charging process.

Remember to always keep the User Guide that is included with your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K for future reference.            

Pocket Juice chargers are indeed Apple certified. They can securely and safely be used to charge pretty much any Apple device with ease via a Lightning™️cable, whether it be an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple AirPods, and most other devices that are compatible with USB-C charging.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your manufacturer or our Customer Service team.

The Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K is compatible with most iPhones.

You can use the Lightning™️ charging cable that is included with your iPhone to charge practically any iPhone model. As long as your phone is compatible with any USB charger, the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K can quickly and reliably charge your iPhone wherever you go!

If your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K won’t turn on, check that its battery is fully charged. It should take approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K from a depleted battery level.

Try keeping your power bank on a flat, hard surface, in a cool and dry environment, throughout the entire charging process. Keep the charger away from water or other liquids, heat sources, or direct sunlight as it’s charging, and make sure that its four LED status indicator lights are on. Alternatively, use the built-in folding AC wall adapter to charge the power bank. Only use a compatible AC wall outlet that isn’t wet, dirty, or obstructed by debris of any kind.

Do a thorough inspection of your portable charger, making sure that none of its components are damaged or visibly malfunctioning in any way. In addition, only use the included charging cable to charge your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K. Check that the cable is not wet, dirty, frayed, or damaged in any other way.

If the above troubleshooting tips don’t cause the charger to turn on, then there may be an issue present with its internal battery or other circuitry. Never attempt to modify, disassemble, or repair the portable charger by yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

Make sure that your charger is securely connected to the device that you wish to charge. In addition, ensure your Pocket Juice is fully charged. Once fully charged, it can recharge most devices several times, depending on the battery capacity of the device and the condition and age of the battery.

Check that your charger isn’t wet, dirty, frayed, or damaged in any other way. Clean it gently with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris. Make sure the charger isn’t damaged or visibly malfunctioning in some way. 

Only use the charger with devices that are compatible with USB-C charging. Devices without a USB-C port will not be able to be charged by the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K. Make sure your chosen phone, tablet, or other device is not damaged or visibly malfunctioning, and that its USB-C port is not blocked or deformed in some way so that the charging cable will fit.

Again, if none of the suggestions above result in your charger being able to recharge your devices, then do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair the portable charger on your own. This may severely damage the product and void any warranty in place. Reach out to Customer Service for further instructions instead.

Your power bank should not be getting extremely hot to the touch. If it is, then it’s possible that it has been charging devices for too long, and may run out of power soon. Alternatively, it may be charging a device that requires more power than the power bank can provide, or it may be in an extremely hot or humid environment.

Unplug all charging devices from your power bank, and turn your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K off. Let it cool down for an hour or two, then recharge it back up to full power. Check that the devices you were trying to charge fall within the maximum energy output range for the power bank, as devices that require more power than the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K can safely provide will cause the power bank to overheat.

In addition, we recommend cleaning your power bank gently with a soft, dry cloth, and making sure that no dirt, dust, or other debris are obstructing any of the power bank’s charging ports. This can cause the power bank to work much harder than it usually has to, and heat up to dangerous levels very quickly.

For further questions or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

Never use or store the portable charger in environments with extremely hot or cold temperatures, as these may severely damage it over time. Do not use or store it near fires or other heat sources, since they can destroy the charger, and possibly cause a fire or explosion if a device is being charged.

Do not put the portable charger anywhere near children or pets; it is not a toy and could present a choking hazard. Only use the charger in cool, dry areas. Anywhere in your home, office, car, or elsewhere should suffice, as long as it is out of the reach of water, heat sources, or sharp objects.