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ionvac™ StainLifter


The solution to your cleaning needs throughout your home, car, and beyond is here with the ionvac StainLifter! Featuring a potent spraying function and up to 12kPa of suction power, this multisurface spot cleaner can quickly remove even the toughest stains from carpet, upholstery, rugs, beds, stairs, auto interiors, and more. Cleaning is easy too just spray, scrub, and vacuum the soiled surfaces to lift any stain, from wine spills to pet messes. And not only will it make your home a “no stain zone” with its deep cleaning power, but it even has a selfcleaning mode to flush out debris from the hose. Plus, the ionvac StainLifter’s largecapacity dual water tanks make it easy to clean large areas, while its compact and lightweight design allows for greater portability and use anywhere.
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There are a few different types of carpet and upholstery spot cleaners, but most will usually require you to manually scrub stains, though a couple have motorized, automatic scrubbing tools.

Manual spot cleaners typically cost less than other models, and have a relatively short cleaning hose, averaging between 4-5 ft. in length. They weigh 10 to 15 lbs. on average, but also have long power cords, so you can place them down just about anywhere. Most will have a sturdy carry handle so you can take them just about anywhere, and some even have wheels.

There are also a few handheld cleaners out there. These tend to have a motorized brush for automatic stain scrubbing, which means much less physical effort is needed on your end. Unfortunately, though, most of these vacuums lack the suction or cleaning power of manual spot cleaners, and may also leave your floors or other surface wet.

Cordless spot cleaners have a similar design to handheld cleaners, though these tend to weigh a bit less, and provide even greater versatility than the other types of spot cleaners. However, they also require some physical exertion, and have smaller water tanks than manual or handheld vacuums.

For many spot cleaners on the market these days, you’ll have to manually wash out their tanks by hand, which can be messy and cost plenty of time and energy. Some have a specialized brush to do this for you, however, and a select few even have a self-cleaning function that’ll do the dirty work for you!

It currently has a 4.4-star overall satisfaction rating on Walmart, from over 200 customer reviews, and has been labeled as both a “Best Seller” and a “Popular Pick” on their site. This proves that it has quickly become recognized as a powerful, versatile, and price-friendly vacuum companion for customers’ homes.

Featuring a powerful 12kPa suction and a potent spraying function, this multi-surface spot cleaner is the ideal solution to all your cleaning needs. It can quickly remove tough stains from vinyl, upholstery, carpet, rugs, beds, stairs, auto interiors, and so much more.

Cleaning is also a breeze – all you have to do is spray, scrub, and vacuum your soiled surfaces to get rid of any stain, including wine spills, food, mud from dirty shoes, and other nasty messes. To top it all off, the StainLifter even has a self-cleaning mode to flush out any lingering dirt, dust, or debris from the hose.

With 2 large-capacity water tanks for cleaning large areas, as well as a compact and lightweight design that can go anywhere, this handy carpet and upholstery spot cleaner will keep your home, car, or office cleaner than ever!

The price of a carpet and upholstery spot cleaner will usually average between $70 on the lower end of the scale, and $160-$170 on the higher end, with some of the most potent and advanced vacuums approaching $200. Of course, this can vary a bit depending on where you choose to shop.

You should ideally stick to anywhere within the $90-$110 range when purchasing a new spot cleaner, though feel free to go beyond this range if your budget permits. That way you’re getting a powerful, versatile, and reliable product at a fair price, one that you can count on in a pinch.

Coming in at right around the $100 mark, the ionvac StainLifter is the perfect blend of both quick cleaning and cost-effectiveness. With dual water tanks, 12kPa suction, a compact design, and even a self-cleaning mode, it is an innovative tool that’s sure to keep just about any surface in your home, car, or office looking spotless! You can always count on this vacuum to clean any sudden spills or unexpected messes on practically any surface, without having to spend an excessive amount of money.

Anyone will surely love all the great benefits of having a carpet and upholstery spot cleaner around in their home!

It’s an especially helpful tool for parents or pet owners, since kids and pets tend to make lots of messes of all kinds. Whether they’re spilling drinks on the living room carpet, or tracking in mud from outside, they usually will leave a big cleanup job on your hands at some point. Luckily, most carpet and upholstery cleaners will quickly get rid of any stains, dirt, or other debris with ease.

Spot cleaners are also a smart choice for wine lovers and those that love to host parties or have guests over. You (or a slightly tipsy friend) are likely to knock over a drink or spill some wine on your fancy couch eventually, so why not have a compact, powerful tool to clean the mess in seconds? Or if someone accidentally drops a plate of food on your freshly polished dining room floor, you’ll be ready to remove it in a flash.

Even if you don’t have kids or pets, you’re almost guaranteed to get a lot out of having a carpet and upholstery spot cleaner on hand at home. Unexpected spills and messes should pose no problem to anyone who knows how to buy the right spot cleaner.

Make sure your vacuum’s power cord is properly and securely plugged into a nearby AC outlet. Only use an AC outlet that is clean, dry, and not damaged or visibly malfunctioning in any way. Do not attempt to use the spot cleaner if its power cord is tangled, wet, or torn, as this may result in the vacuum not turning on, serious injury, or irreversible damage to the vacuum.

Check that all of the vacuum’s components are installed correctly. Set up your StainLifter exactly as directed in your included User Guide. Keep all openings and vents clean, unobstructed, and free of dust, lint, hair, or anything that might reduce airflow. Do not use the StainLifter with any blocked openings. Keep hair, all body parts, and items of clothing away from the StainLifter’s suction opening.

Only use and store your StainLifter on a flat, hard, and stable surface, in a cool and dry environment. The vacuum may not turn on or work optimally in areas with extremely hot or cold temperatures, as well as high humidity.

If none of the above troubleshooting tips work, and you find that your spot cleaner still won’t turn on, then there may be an issue with its internal circuitry. Never attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair the ionvac StainLifter by yourself. Instead, call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

The StainLifter is a powerful 450W spot cleaner that shouldn’t have much difficulty with removing most stains from your floors. If it is, though, check that the Deep Cleaning Brush tool is fully connected to the vacuum’s hose. Ensure that the brush isn’t damaged, and that there isn’t excessive dirt, dust, or debris caked into the brush bristles. This may prevent the spot cleaner from properly removing stains.

When removing stains, it’s important that you place the brush nozzle directly over the spot or stain that you wish to clean. Check that there is enough water and cleaning solution inside the vacuum’s Clean Water Tank. Make sure you are only adding cold, clean water to the Clean Water Tank. Empty the Dirty Water Tank if it is full.

In addition, you should try pushing the brush against your chosen surface a bit harder. Do not move the brush head back and forth too quickly. Instead, move it slowly so that the brush has sufficient time to scrub and vacuum the stain away.

Be careful not to spray too much cleaning solution on the surface, though, since this can ruin your surface’s material and possibly create another stain. Use moderate amounts of cleaning solution as you move the brush back and forth. Alternatively, try using a stronger cleaning solution if you have some on hand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team if you have any additional questions or concerns.

If your spot cleaner isn’t spraying water, you should first ensure that there is sufficient water in its Clean Water Tank. Check that the water and cleaning solution you have added goes up to the max fill line on the tank. Press the spray trigger as firmly as possible; not using enough force may cause water to not come out of the hose.

Tightly screw the cap back onto the top of the Clean Water Tank, then firmly insert it back into the StainLifter. Water may not be sprayed onto your chosen surface if the tank isn’t properly and securely installed back on the spot cleaner. Check that the water tank isn’t cracked, dirty, or visibly malfunctioning in any way.

Plus, it’s crucial to make sure that the vacuum’s hose isn’t tangled, overly stretched, torn, or damaged in any capacity. Detach the Deep Cleaning Brush tool from the hose, and ensure that nothing is obstructing the hose. Gently wipe its interior and exterior with a soft, dry cloth to remove any trapped dirt, dust, debris, or other substances.

It’s essential that you first make sure that the StainLifter is OFF. Attempting to use the self-cleaning function while the spot cleaner is still powered on will not result in it cleaning itself as expected. Instead, it will just create a large mess, and possibly cause irreversible damage to the product, or even serious injury to you or those around you.

Be sure to remove the brush head from the hose, and firmly connect the self-cleaning head in its place. Do a thorough inspection of the self-cleaning head before using it for the first time, ensuring that it hasn’t been damaged or physically deformed during shipping.

Keep the StainLifter on a flat, hard, and stable surface throughout the entire self-cleaning process. Make sure that there is enough water and cleaning solution inside the Clean Water Tank, and that the Dirty Water Tank has been completely emptied. Check that the spray trigger on the hose grip isn’t jammed, and that you are pressing it with enough force to initiate the self-cleaning process.

Immediately contact Customer Service if the self-cleaning function still won’t start, even after following all of the suggestions above. Again, do not try to disassemble or modify the product on your own, especially if it is smoking, making excessive noise, leaking, or malfunctioning or operating abnormally in any way.