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Take wireless charging on the road with Inteligrip–a multipurpose smartphone mount that safely adheres to windshields and dashboards with a secure suction base. Equipped with infrared motion detection, it automatically grips your phone with a custom fit to hold it in place while delivering a wireless charge to compatible devices. Designed with a rubberized, anti-slip holster, and an adjustable, rotating arm, you always get the perfect angles for convenient, hands-free viewing and charging while on the road.


One of the most popular smartphone car mounts at the moment is the tzumi Inteligrip. With an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 stars from nearly 300 reviews on Home Depot, it is a reliable and price-effective option for anyone looking to keep their phone in place while they drive. 

This ultra-versatile phone mount lets you safely take wireless charging on the road, thanks to its suction base and vent clip adapter that securely adhere to your windshield, dashboard, or air vent. Equipped with infrared motion detection, it automatically grips any phone up to 3.4” wide, with a custom fit to securely hold it in place. 

And if that wasn’t enough, its smart Qi technology delivers a fast 10W wireless charge to compatible devices. Along with a rubberized anti-slip holster, and a 360° rotating adjustable arm, the Inteligrip gives you the perfect angles for convenient, hands-free viewing and charging while you’re on the go!  

Getting yourself a smartphone car mount is one of the smartest and safest ways to attach your phone to your car. Most have either strong suction cup bases or clips that attach securely to your car’s air vents.  

Not only that, but they’re also lightweight and compact, meaning they won’t take up too much precious space in your car interior. Most importantly, the best smartphone car mounts are versatile and can be adjusted to just about any angle you want, giving you the freedom you need to make life safer and easier when you’re on the road. 

Absolutely! The right car phone mount will keep your phone secure and upright while you drive. In a world with crazy drivers and unexpected road conditions, it’s more important than ever to have your eyes glued to the road.  

Whether you’re making a phone call, changing the current song, talking to Siri, or looking at directions on a long car trip, you’ll feel much safer knowing that you don’t have to take your attention off whatever’s ahead. Plus, the best car phone mounts won’t drop your phone, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your phone falling on the floor while you’re on a crazy highway.  

The answer to this depends on the layout of your car and the type of phone holder you have, but generally, the safest places include your car’s dashboard, vent, windshield, console, or cup holder. Anywhere that won’t impede your view of the road or prevent you from driving properly.  

We recommend that you mount your phone holder as far down on your car’s windscreen as possible, since this will limit any obstructions to your field of view. Place it near the center of the windscreen if possible, or alternatively in the far left, bottom corner of the windscreen.  

Never place your phone mount somewhere that could increase the likelihood of injury in the event of a crash. Do not place it on top of the storage compartment for your car’s airbags, as this can result in serious injury, or damage to your phone or phone mount if a crash occurs. 

A smartphone car mount’s price will vary based on its suction strength, ways of attaching to your car, versatility, size, weight, and other additional features such as wireless charging. The average price of a smartphone car mount typically ranges from under $10 to over $60, depending on where you choose to shop. 

Your ideal mount will be sturdy and reliable, one that will firmly attach to just about anywhere in your car. It should have a suction cup base or a clip so you can keep the mount in place throughout your car. It also should have some sort of versatility, whether it be in the form of an adjustable gooseneck or smart motion detection holders that can hold phones of various sizes. 

Not only that, but you also want a smartphone car mount that’s lightweight and sleek, with a compact design that’s easy to move around. Your mount shouldn’t be excessively bulky or large, as these are less likely to stay in place as you drive, especially if you’re moving at high speeds or if you have to stop suddenly. 

Finally, if a mount happens to have features like Qi wireless charging for your phone, or infrared motion detection that automatically adapts to fit different phones, then it will likely be much more expensive than a regular mount. These types of mounts may cost more, but they also provide a great deal of value that is sure to make your car rides easier than ever. 

Your device should automatically begin charging once it’s placed on the mount, thanks to the Inteligrip’s Qi technology that wirelessly charges any compatible devices. If your device has a thick phone case or other accessories on it, then that may interfere with the charging process. 

Check that the included Micro-USB charging cable is securely plugged into both the Inteligrip and your vehicle’s USB power source. The Inteligrip will only charge your phone if your car is powered on. Make sure your car’s power socket isn’t wet, dirty, damaged, or obstructed in any way, as this may prevent the charging process from occurring as it’s supposed to. Always remember to unplug the mount from the power source when it is not in use. 

Only place your phone near the top of the infrared sensor. The bracket arms should open automatically. Do not expose the mount or any of its electrical parts to extremely high or extremely low temperatures, since these can damage its internal circuitry. You should also never expose the mount to fire, direct sunlight, or other heat sources. They may cause the unit to overheat, ignite, or explode. Using it in this manner may also result in lower charging efficiency or a shorter lifespan. 

If none of the above troubleshooting tips work, and you find that your phone still won’t charge with the Inteligrip’s Qi technology, then a more serious issue may be present. Never attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair the Inteligrip by yourself. Instead, call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you. 

The Inteligrip’s infrared sensor should automatically adjust to perfectly fit your phone. If it doesn’t, you must check that your phone isn’t too large. Remember that it can only fit smartphones up to 3.4” wide.  

Only place your phone near the top of the infrared sensor. The bracket arms should automatically open. Place your phone in between the bracket arms and against the wireless charging area, and the arms should close tightly around it.  

Avoid contact with any credit cards or cards with magnetic strips or chips. If the InteliGrip comes into contact with a card, demagnetization may occur, and your phone may not stay in place or charge. 

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI for more troubleshooting tips if you still experience difficulties. 

If your Inteligrip won’t stay in place, make sure its suction cup base isn’t dirty. The suction cup should only be affixed to smooth, clean surfaces. Rougher surfaces may render the base suction cup ineffective. In addition, you should ensure the vent clip adapter isn’t torn or damaged in any way. 

Only use the included vent clip adapter with the Inteligrip. Do not attempt to secure the mount to your car’s dashboard or windshield by any means besides either the suction cup base or the vent clip adapter. Using tape, glue, or any other substance to attach the mount to your car may result in severe damage to the product or your car’s interior.  

Ensure that the angle adjustment knob is properly installed on the Inteligrip, and that it isn’t turned too far in one direction, to the point where the Inteligrip won’t change angles. You should also make sure that the fastener is firmly inserted into the ball joint adapter, and that the ball joint adapter is securely inserted into the socket located on the back of the bracket. 

Check that the Inteligrip is firmly in place, and that it isn’t covered in dirt, dust, or other debris. Clean it gently with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure that all components of the mount are securely connected, and that nothing is damaged or visibly malfunctioning in any other way.