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AuraLED Wireless Table Lamp


Create the perfect ambiance in any space with the AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp! This dimmable LED desk lamp is perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, and more with its smooth alloy finish and minimalist design, along with its 3 color modes and customizable brightness levels that are easily changed with simple touch controls. Its powerful and energy-efficient LED is just as eco-friendly as it is stylish, plus its USB rechargeability and compact size make the AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp your new go-to light.


Some things to consider are the bulb type, brightness settings, color temperature settings, and where the power button is located, in addition to charging time, size, weight, cost, and portability. The five main types of desk lamps include halogen, incandescent, full-spectrum, fluorescent, and LED desk lamps.

LED desk lamps have a remarkably long lifespan and produce much less heat on average than the other lamp types. Plus, they typically have a modern, sleek design that seamlessly blends into any space in your home, while providing bright light for your workspace without any glare. So if you want a lamp that will last a long time and fit perfectly anywhere throughout your home, then an LED lamp would be a great choice.

In addition, you’ll likely want a lamp that has multiple brightness and color settings, so you can customize your light to fit your mood and enhance any ambiance. Lamps with a power button that’s directly on the unit and easy to reach are also smart options for those who want to quickly modify their light settings.

Finally, you should focus your search on lamps that have a sleek, stylish design that can add a flash of modern and inspiring décor anywhere. Whether it be your workspace desk or bedroom nightstand, office cubicle, or restaurant dining table, your lamp should be able to fit in perfectly wherever you choose to place it. Lightweight and compact desk lamps that are ultra-portable will be some of the best options to pay attention to in your search.

One of the top-selling wireless desk lamps on Home Depot would be our AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp. With a 4.8 customer satisfaction rating from over 30 reviews and counting, it is a

Cost-efficient, compact, and portable, it adds a sleek, modern look and feel to any space, with a smooth alloy finish and minimalist design. It also features 3 color modes (yellow, white, and natural), along with customizable brightness levels that can easily be changed with simple touch controls.

Great for homes, offices, restaurants, and more, the lamp’s powerful and energy-efficient LEDs are stylish and eco-friendly. Cordless, USB-rechargeable, and lasting for up to 15 hours when fully charged, the AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp complements any desktop or nightstand with ease.

On average, the least expensive desk lamps cost between $15-$20, while the priciest ones can get up to $100 and beyond, depending on where you shop.

The cost of a desk lamp, especially a wireless one, depends on quite a few factors, with the most major ones being light bulb type, power output, brightness and color modes, size, weight, and additional features such as a phone holder or wireless charging for your devices. While larger and brighter lamps may have more options and extra accessories to make life easier, most of them are very costly, and likely don’t have the stylish design or portability that smaller and simpler desk lamps have.

Sitting comfortably in the low $30 range is the AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp, with both powerful, reliable lighting and ultimate customization capabilities in a sleek and extremely affordable design. With 3 color modes, multiple brightness settings, and easy-to-use controls, this compact and sturdy lamp is the perfect addition to your home, office, restaurant, and more for modern and elegant ambiance.

Anyone that works in the evenings or likes to do a lot of reading or school assignments at a desk can benefit from having a wireless desk lamp!

The best desk lamps create a more relaxing and comfortable environment for your eyes, with adjustable brightness settings that make it easier for you to focus on the object you are reading or working on at your desk. Those that work on closeup assignments and readings at their desk, or frequently experience eye fatigue from bright desk lights, will really appreciate the advantages of having a customizable wireless desk lamp around.

Moreover, any office worker who wants to adjust their surrounding lighting to their liking can make great use of a wireless desk lamp, since they can move it to any spot on their desk with ease. Plus, restaurant owners and waiters that wish to spruce up their dining tables can add a modern-looking desk lamp for added ambiance and improved customer satisfaction. In fact, anyone going out to eat or visit a local bar can bring along a sleek lamp (like the AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp) to provide a personalized touch to their night out with friends or family.

If the lamp isn’t turning on, check that it is sufficiently charged. The lamp won’t turn on if its rechargeable battery is out of power. In addition, make sure that neither the USB charging cable nor the lamp are dirty, damaged, or visibly malfunctioning in some way, as this could prevent proper charging and operation of the lamp.

It’s also crucial that you only use the provided USB-C cable to charge the lamp. We recommend only using a 5V/1A~2A USB power source to charge the lamp. Try switching to a different USB wall outlet or power source if you find that the lamp isn’t charging properly. Ensure that the LED charging indicator light turns red while the lamp is charging, and green when it is fully charged.

Only use your finger to press the Power Button – never use a pencil or other object to turn the lamp on. You should only use the lamp in a cool, dry environment on a flat surface. Extremely cold or hot areas, as well as tilted, soft surfaces may affect the lamp’s operation. Move it to a different area and try turning it on again.

If all of the above suggestions fail, then a more serious issue may be present with your AuraLED Wireless Brilliance LED Table Lamp. Please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

Again, check that the lamp isn’t running low on battery power. If it is, recharge it back to full power with the included charging cable. Ensure that nothing is covering or blocking the LED light, especially any dirt, dust, or other debris. If any component of the lamp is dirty, including the lamp’s charging port, wipe the entire lamp with a soft, dry cloth. The lamp may not work optimally if the charging port is obstructed, and if the cable can’t be inserted properly. Do not touch the lamp with wet hands, or use cleaning solutions, flammable substances, water,
or any other liquids on or near this lamp.

You also make sure that the lamp isn’t at the lowest brightness setting, or on a darker color mode. If it is, follow the user guide for instructions on how to increase the brightness to a higher setting, or change the color mode so that the light appears brighter.

Do not attempt to disassemble or repair this lamp on your own. Instead, reach out to Customer Service for further troubleshooting suggestions.

Never use or store the lamp in an environment with extremely low or high temperatures, as these may damage the lamp’s internal circuitry. Places with high humidity, anywhere near flames or heat sources of any kind, or areas with water or other liquids can severely damage the product. Avoid using or storing this lamp near direct sunlight as well, since this can heat up and damage any internal circuitry.

Only use and store the lamp on hard, dry, and flat surfaces. Wooden tables or desks, marble countertops, shelves, and other level, sturdy surfaces are all good options. Do not place the lamp near the edge of a table, since it could fall and its LED bulbs may be damaged.