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Buying Guide: Levitating Light Bulb Lamps


What are the most important things to think about when purchasing a levitating light bulb lamp?

When you’re planning to buy a levitating light bulb lamp, there are some crucial things to keep in mind. These include the lamp’s magnetic induction technology, light bulb lifespan, brightness settings, size, weight, portability, and additional features such as wireless charging.

Your new levitating light bulb lamp should be one with powerful magnetic induction that will securely keep the light bulb suspended in the air. It shouldn’t drop the light bulb after only a few minutes or not hold it at all. There should be a strong magnetic pull that you can rely on, one that is easy to set up and won’t cause much of a hassle.

Not only that, but the light bulb itself should be durable, bright, and long-lasting. Your light bulb should have at least a 30,000-hour lifespan, with some of the best ones having 40,000-hour lifespans, and a few can last even longer. It should also have radiant light that will instantly illuminate any space, whether it be your bedroom, living room, or office. Finally, the light bulb should be able to survive at least a short fall. It shouldn’t crack or shatter if you drop it 1 or 2 feet. Regardless, you should always be ready to catch the bulb if it fails to levitate in midair.

Levitating Light Blub Lamp

Impress your friends and loved ones with the cool and unique Atmospheres Gravity Lamp.
$ 99
  • LED light bulb floats in mid–air with magnetic levitation
  • One–touch ON/OFF controls for easy use
  • Wireless charging for all Qi–enabled devices
  • Soft, warm 1W bulb with 40,000–hour lifespan
  • Includes AC power adapter
  • ENERGY STAR Certified

Your levitating light bulb lamp should have a lightweight and compact design that’s easy to set up and use in just about any indoor space. It shouldn’t be a hassle to move or store the lamp either, and its base will ideally be wooden and sturdy so you can be confident that it’ll last a long time. The base shouldn’t get too hot during use, and the light itself should be energy-efficient and simple to clean. The overall product should be elegant and adaptable in a way that’ll let it blend into any room, and add comforting light and warmth throughout your entire space.

What’s one of the highest-rated levitating light bulb lamps on Walmart?

One of the most valuable and highest-rated levitating light bulb lamps on Walmart right now is the Atmospheres Gravity Lamp. It has a 5.0 customer satisfaction rating, proving that it is truly a unique and innovative lighting tool that adds a bit more excitement to any space.

This fancy lamp defies gravity with a long-lasting LED light bulb that produces a soft, warm glow, and uses magnetic induction to gracefully hover in midair, directly over a sleek chrome and wooden base. It instantly adds a fun and intriguing ambiance to any indoor space, and it can even wirelessly charge any Qi-compatible device.

With a 40,000-hour lifespan and easy one-touch controls, this ENERGY STAR-certified and AC-powered lamp is sure to impress your family and friends when they come to visit!

How much does a levitating light bulb lamp typically cost?

A lamp with a levitating light bulb uses advanced technology and magnetic induction, so they are a bit more complex than your standard lamp. The less expensive levitating light bulb lamps tend to be in the $58-$60 range, depending on where you shop, while the pricier ones can end up costing over $100 if they have a super elegant design or other extraordinary features.

The most valuable and reliable lamps, including the Atmospheres Gravity Lamp, should be listed on the lower end of the spectrum mentioned above. These will provide both bright light that’ll stay afloat in any space, and great prices that won’t do too much damage to your wallet. If your lamp has extra features like wireless charging for your phone or other compatible devices, then it’s instantly a top pick for anyone that wants to light their home in style, while also making life easier than ever.

Where can I use a levitating light bulb lamp?

Pretty much any flat, hard surface in a relatively cool and dry indoor space should be great for a levitating light bulb lamp. Wooden dining room or living room tables, marble countertops in your kitchen, sturdy nightstands in your bedroom, or a desk at the office can all be good choices for where you use your lamp.

We do not recommend using a levitating light bulb lamp on any surface that could be affected by magnets, including surfaces including iron, metals, or other magnetic materials. These can interfere with the lamp’s operation. Avoid using your lamp in extremely hot or cold environments, since they can damage either the bulb or the lamp’s internal circuitry. Most lamps usually can only operate properly if they are stored and used in a specific temperature range. In addition, do not use the lamp near water or in wet conditions. These can cause serious damage to the product.

Who can benefit the most from having a levitating light bulb lamp?

Virtually anyone can enjoy having a levitating light bulb lamp in their home!

Whether you’re an office worker or high school student who needs some fun lighting while doing work, a tech junkie that needs wireless charging for your devices, or just someone that wants to amaze any visitors, a high-quality levitating light bulb lamp is sure to make anyone’s day a little bit brighter.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your home looks like – the right lamp will provide helpful and bright light to any space, while also adding to its ambiance and providing a fun, modern vibe.

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