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Buying Guide: LED Puck Lights


What should I keep in mind when buying LED puck lights?

If you’re considering buying some new LED puck lights, you should think about the following: their brightness, colors, battery life, design, how resistant they are to water, dust, and strong impacts, and how they can be customized. Your color-changing puck lights should also serve as a bright and fun piece of décor for your home, no matter where you choose to put them.

The best LED puck lights have an ultra-durable and compact design – they should look like colored hockey pucks and be able to fit in just about anywhere throughout your home. Ideally, they’ll light up in multiple different colors and have a lot of adaptability in terms of light effects, for even more personalized lighting. If they come with a wireless remote, they should have a plethora of different customization options so that you can illuminate your home the way you want.

You also want to focus your attention on products that have a long lifespan – if they are battery powered, they should have sturdy battery compartments that will keep the batteries working optimally for a long time. Your new puck lights will hopefully be at least somewhat resistant to water, so that you can add them to pools, fish tanks, and other bodies of water to really impress your family and friends. This is very important to keep in mind if you’re planning to really go above and beyond with decorating your home, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

AuraLED ColorPuck Submersible Lights

Take pool parties, holiday decor and more to the next level with the AuraLED ColorPucks.
$ 23
  • 16 colors and 4 lighting patterns (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth).
  • Adjustable color intensity and brightness can be controlled from up to 26 ft. away via the included remote.
  • Great for pools, hot tubs, landscaping accents, interior/exterior decoration, staircases and hallways, holiday lighting.
  • IP67 certified to be water/shock/dust–resistant.
  • Puck lights require 3 AAA (not included).

What makes the AuraLED ColorPucks stand out from other similar products?

The AuraLED ColorPucks give you unparalleled freedom and customization capabilities when it comes to illuminating your home space, whether it be for pool parties or Christmas holiday décor.

These color–changing puck lights are fully submersible, making them the perfect choice for vibrant and adaptable lighting anywhere. The included wireless remote lets you choose from 16 colors, 4 lighting patterns (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth), and multiple brightness levels from up to 26 ft. away.

Battery-powered, and IP67 certified for extensive resistance to water, dust, and shocks, the ColorPucks are great for pools, hot tubs, holiday lighting, fish tanks, and so much more!

How much do LED puck lights usually cost?

The cost of a set of LED puck lights can vary depending on quite a few factors. Some of them include how many puck lights are included in the package, as well as how they are powered, how many colors they have, the ways they can be customized, and how resistant they are to water, dirt, or dust. Some puck lights can cost under $10 if they are simple products and come in small sets, while larger sets can cost over $50, though this can be different based on where you shop.

If you’re buying a smaller set of puck lights, you shouldn’t spend more than $30-$35. Unless they have lots of customization settings and extreme resistance to water, dust, or dirt, they should not cost more than this. Larger packs that are ultra-sturdy and versatile are usually priced around $40-$45. If your puck lights are battery powered and can be used wirelessly, then they are typically seen as more valuable, and usually come with a higher price tag.

At around $30, the AuraLED ColorPucks are a valuable and cost-effective choice for adding fun, vibrant light to your home. They may only be a set of 2 puck lights, but they are one of the most adaptable and reliable lighting options on the market. With 16 color options, 4 light patterns, waterproof designs, and multiple brightness levels, they can be used to customize any indoor or outdoor space for a bright and personalized glow every time!

Where can I use my new LED puck lights?

Your new LED puck lights can be used just about anywhere you please!

They can be used for under-cabinet LED lighting, or as lights for shelves, stairways, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more! The possibilities are practically endless with a set of sturdy waterproof puck lights.

As long as they are used and stored in a cool environment without extremely hot or cold temperatures, as well as heat sources or sharp objects, your color-changing puck lights should work just fine.

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