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Buying Guide: Magnetic Phone Holders


What should I keep in mind when looking for a new magnetic phone holder?

When looking for a new magnetic phone holder, you should consider its versatility (in terms of what phones it can hold, whether it can rotate, and where it can be placed), durability, size, and weight. 

The best magnetic phone holders have a strong magnetic base and design that you can always rely on. You should look for one with a sturdy backing, preferably an adhesive one that easily sticks to any flat surface. It’s recommended that you search for a phone holder with an adjustable bracket, one that can easily hold almost any smartphone with little difficulty. The most valuable holders available can hold your phone even if it has a case, making your life even easier when you’re on the go. 

Not only that, but your phone holder should also be lightweight, compact, and easy to move anywhere throughout your car and beyond. If your phone holder is both easy to place in various locations, as well as customizable to your liking, then it is definitely a wise investment. This is what makes the tzumi PowerMount Plus such a smart option for anyone that’s in the market for a new magnetic phone holder! 

Tzumi PowerMount Plus

Enhance your road trips with the tzumi PowerMount Plus!
$ 15
  • Convenient design holds any smartphone, with or without a case
  • Powerful magnetic base keeps your phone secure
  • Adjustable bracket holds phones up to 3.5 inches wide
  • 360° rotating mount provides the optimal viewing angles
  • Strong adhesive backing sticks to most flat surfaces for easy installation and removal

What’s one of the most popular magnetic phone holders?

A popular and ultra-reliable magnetic phone holder on the market right now would be our PowerMount Plus. Combining versatility and sturdiness into a compact, cost-effective design, it is a top option for anyone looking to use their phone safely while on the go. 

This 360° rotating magnetic phone holder lets you mount any smartphone up to 3.5 inches wide to your car’s dashboard for optimal viewing angles. Its base’s strong adhesive backing sticks to most flat surfaces with little effort, and is just as easy to remove. Lightweight and portable, the tzumi PowerMount Plus enhances any road trip, and allows you to travel with the quality and safety that you deserve! 

Where are the best places to put a magnetic phone holder?

Any sturdy, flat surface is a great place to put a magnetic phone holder! Ideally, your car dashboard, window, or other flat surface would be great choices.  

You want to put it somewhere that makes it easy to see your phone, without fully diverting your attention from what’s important. Whether you’re on a work conference call or trying to follow map directions while you’re on the road, you should be able to quickly look down at your phone without jeopardizing your safety 

Magnetic phone holders with strong bases will provide greater peace of mind no matter where you place them, and those that can rotate for extra versatility are even better! 

How much should a magnetic phone holder cost?

This can depend on where you shop. On average, though, the less expensive magnetic phone holders cost under $10, while the costlier ones are usually priced between $25-$30. Some can even reach up to $50 if they have additional special features, such as Qi wireless charging. 

Magnetic phone holders that are small and relatively simple in design will obviously cost less than those with larger and more complex builds. Although larger, bulkier holders may have extra features that smaller ones may lack, they are also often more expensive.  

We believe that you can get an adjustable and durable hold on your phone on the road in a relatively compact design, without breaking the bank. In particular, our PowerMount Plus is both cost-effective and supremely valuable. At under $20, it is an absolute steal, with a retractable bracket and a 360° rotating design that gives you the very best viewing angles while you’re on the go. 

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