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Buying Guide: Car Phone Mounts


What’s the top-rated car phone mount on Macy’s?

Currently, one of the top-rated car phone mounts on Amazon would be the OneGrip. With an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.9 stars, from nearly 100 customer reviews, it is truly a reliable, price-savvy, and sturdy option for holding all your mobile devices while on the road. The OneGrip’s 3 mounts for CD/DVD slots, air vents, dashboards and windows provide greater flexibility than most other car phone mounts, while the padded, non-slip grip, quick-release button, extending arm, and 360°rotating base let you securely enjoy the best view from any angle. Great for weekend road trips with the family or calling friends while on the way to work, this innovative phone mount is rightfully one of the most popular mounts available. 

How much does a car phone mount usually cost?

Most car phone mounts average in price between just under $10 and $27-$29 on Walmart, with some of the most expensive ones going over $30. The price of a car phone mount can depend on several factors, with size, weight, the number of available mounting options, and additional accessories being among the most important ones. 

Currently priced at $18 on, the OneGrip is the ideal mix of value and cost efficiency. Compact, lightweight, and versatile, it features 3 mounting options for your phone, tablet, or other device, making your life on the road easier than ever. 

One Grip

Easy to mount anywhere, One Grip makes driving with your mobile devices effortless.
$ 15
  • A vent clip mount which attaches to any vent.
  • A CD/DVD slot mount which adjusts for the best view.
  • A suction cup mount which sticks to any flat surface.
  • Also has an adjustable bottom support base, a quick release button, a 360° rotating base, an extendable arm, and an angle adjustment knob

What should I keep in mind when looking for a car phone mount?

When you’re searching for the best car phone mount to buy, you should consider

  • product’s versatility
  • mounting options
  • weight
  • size
  • durability
  • cost 

Ideally, you want a phone mount that can hold virtually any phone, tablet, or other device with no struggle at all, so that you can make calls or use GPS on the road. Plus, the best phone mounts have multiple mounting options throughout your car for added customization, and a lightweight, compact design that can be transported with ease.  

Most importantly, you want a mount that won’t crack or break under the pressure from your device over time, or wear down quickly and not attach to your car. Finally, you want a product that will give you reliable and secure mounting for your phone without breaking the bank. The best car phone mounts are a perfect combination of both value and affordability. 

What makes the OneGrip stand out from other similar products?

The OneGrip is a breeze to mount anywhere, and makes driving with just about any mobile device effortless. Its durable, shock-proof bracket features an adjustable, non-slip grip that securely holds your device in place, while the extendable arm and 360° rotating base give you the best sightlines from practically any angle.  

Plus, it has 3 mounting options: a vent clip mount, a CD/DVD slot mount, and a suction cup mount thar sticks to any flat surface, making the OneGrip perfect for phone calls, long road trips, and more! 

What kind of devices can I use with the OneGrip?

You can use almost any smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device with the OneGrip! As long as your phone or other device is anywhere between 3.5” to 6.3” long, it’ll easily be able to fit in the phone mount’s adjustable bracket and base. Do not attempt to use a device smaller or larger than the specified length, as it will not fit firmly within the bracket, and may lead to serious damage to either the phone mount or your device.  

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