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Troubleshooting Tips for Your ON AIR Light Pro


Why isn’t the light turning on?

Check that the in-line remote is properly connected to the ring light, and that it is not frayed or damaged. Your chosen power source must be USB-compatible. Try choosing a different AC wall adapter, power bank, computer, or laptop to power the light. In addition, ensure the light is placed on a flat, stable surface, in a cool and dry environment that’s far away from water or any other liquid.

If all of the above tips fail, then there could be a problem with one of the ring light’s internal components. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the ring light by yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

What should I do if I can’t adjust the light?

If you find that you can’t adjust the ring light’s angle to your liking, then an issue is likely present with the flexible gooseneck. Check that it is firmly and properly attached to the ring light.

If you can’t adjust the phone holder or the tripod stand, make sure that all components are set up exactly as described in the included user guide. It is crucial that you do not over-tighten the adjustment knobs in the middle of the tripod if you are attempting to modify its height, as this will prevent you from making your desired adjustments. It’s widely recommended to extend all tripod legs to their maximum length rather than obtaining height only using the center column. Only extend the center column if you need to. On the other hand, the tripod legs and phone holder should be tightly secured in place before you try to make any adjustments.

If there are still problems, disassemble the ring light completely, clean every component and check that they all look as they are supposed to, and attempt to reassemble the ring light from the beginning. Feel free to call or email Customer Service throughout the assembly process for further information if you still experience difficulties.

Why is the light so weak?

Make sure that the ring light is firmly plugged into a USB-compatible power source. Ensure that the power source is at least a USB 5V power source; if it is not, then the light brightness may be dimmer than expected. The in-line remote should be securely attached to the ring light and not damaged in any way. All components of the ring light should be dry and clean, free of any dust, dirt, oils, or other substances. 

The light has 3 light modes that can make it seem much brighter, one of which goes up to 6000K (cool white light). Also, check that the ring light is not on its lowest brightness setting, as it has 10 brightness levels. If it is, then you should increase the brightness level via the in-line remote. However, if everything is set up properly and the light is on its highest brightness setting, yet it still appears weak, then we recommend modifying other parts of your surrounding environment to make the light seem brighter (such as closing or covering nearby windows, or even positioning a light blanket or cover over the light. Do not place a blanket or other flammable fabric directly on the light when it is turned on, as it can quickly heat up and catch on fire. Contact Customer Service for further information.

Why isn’t the ON AIR Light Pro not holding my phone?

Check that your phone isn’t larger than the maximum dimensions of the phone holder. Ensure the spring-loaded smartphone holster is firmly connected to the ball joint, and that the gooseneck stand is properly attached to the ring light. Try reinserting the stand into the ring light hole, and turning it counterclockwise until it is secure.

Make sure that the phone holder clip is not damaged or visibly malfunctioning in some way. We recommend that you gently wipe the phone holder, the clip, and your phone with a soft, dry cloth, then set up the phone holder again from scratch.

What should I do if the microphone doesn’t work?

You should make sure that the included microphone is securely connected to the ring light. It’s essential that the clamp on the microphone mount is fully and tightly screwed onto the center column of the ring light tripod. Check that the microphone holster is not damaged or obstructed by dirt, dust, or other debris, since the holster is supposed to expand slightly as you slide the microphone into it.

Again, ensure that the ring light is plugged into a 5V USB power source that isn’t broken or blocked by dirt or other debris, since this may prevent the power source from working properly. Make sure the ring light itself is turned on before attempting to use the microphone. If all else fails, please contact our Customer Service team. Never attempt to disassemble or repair the microphone by yourself.

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