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Tzumi Vault Power Station


Whether it’s for camping or powering household appliances in a pinch, the tzumi Vault Power Station is the perfect allinone energy solution for both your travel and domestic needs. Designed with one 110/220V AC output port, two DC charging ports and three USB ports, this portable power station provides 50,400mAh of power, and a sturdy, flexible carry handle for easy transport anywhere. Charge up your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more with reliable, streamlined speed.
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The rated internal battery capacity for this Tzumi product will vary depending on the discharge rate and the temperature range in which the device operates. The actual output will be less.


When you’re planning to purchase a power station, consider its battery capacity and type, number of charging ports, charging compatibility, weight, size, and noise level, among other things.

Ideally, your new power station is a sturdy, reliable, and portable charging tool for all your small devices that consume a low amount of power. It should have a large battery capacity that can last a long time, recharge quickly, and provide consistent, lasting power for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more. Plus, it should be fairly quiet and have multiple ports for different kinds of devices, including USB, AC, DC, and several other ports. Having many ports will let you charge everything at once for ultimate peace of mind.

This is where our Vault Power Station comes in. Whether you’re out camping with the kids for the weekend, or need emergency power for your phone during a sudden blackout, the tzumi Vault Power Station has got you covered. It’s the perfect all-in-one energy solution for any travel or domestic needs, thanks to its six charging ports for USB, AC, and DC-powered devices. Plus, it provides 50,400mAh of power for your chosen devices, and features an ultra-sturdy carry handle for easy transport anywhere. Enjoy reliable, streamlined charging speed on the go that’ll overpower the competition with the tzumi Vault!

The less expensive power stations that don’t pack as much power or as many charging ports cost on average under $100. The biggest and most powerful ones can reach into the range of $700-$800, with some even costing over $1000 on some sites!

A power station’s price tag can vary widely, and it depends on many, many factors, with the biggest ones being size, battery capacity, battery type, number of charging ports, and more.

You deserve the very best when it comes to getting fast and streamlined power on the go. The tzumi Vault’s price comes in on the much lower end of the cost spectrum mentioned above, while providing just as much value as even the most advanced power stations.

This super-powered 50,400mAh portable generator has 6 charging ports for a large range of USB, AC, and DC-powered devices, giving you the all-in-one charging tool that you’ve always dreamed of. Thanks to the Vault’s easy–to–read LCD display that keeps you aware of its battery life and charging output, heavy–duty fireproof build with a cooling fan, and an eco–friendly battery that has an auto-shutoff feature, it is the premium choice for both value and affordability. It’ll keep most devices powered on the go without any hassle or danger, letting you enjoy always being powered up wherever you may be.

A portable power station’s battery type may not seem very important, but in actuality it is a crucial thing to think about when choosing a power station. The battery used in a power station heavily plays a huge role in the product’s weight, size, cost, charging speed, and much more. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion), lithium-polymer (Li-Po), and lead-acid batteries are the battery types that are most often used for power stations like the Vault.

The Vault has a very powerful Li-Ion battery, which usually charges up to three times faster than lead-acid batteries, and packs the most energy out of the three battery types mentioned above.

On the other hand, Li-Po (lithium-polymer) batteries have less power than Li-Ion batteries, but can typically charge faster than the other two.

Lead-acid batteries usually cost the least out of the three, but unfortunately, they often sacrifice charging speed, power, and a lightweight design as a compromise.

If you want a faster charging and slightly more energy-efficient option, then perhaps a Li-Po power station is for you. However, those that want a lightweight, portable power station that can be used frequently should invest in a Li-Ion battery power station. The Vault is one of the most reliable and efficient Li-Ion power stations available, with an ultra-portable that can go with you anywhere to charge all your small devices in a pinch.

You can easily charge most smaller devices with a power station. Whether it be a phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, a set of earbuds, or other device that consumes a low amount of power, it’ll get a quick and reliable charge from a decent power station.

Larger appliances such as vacuums, bulky gaming consoles, mini fridges, or TVs may charge slower or not be able to recharge via a standard portable power station such as the Vault. Be sure to read your product’s user guide carefully for more specific instructions. 

If you find that your Vault won’t turn on, or won’t stay powered on, check that the Vault is sufficiently charged, and all charging cables for your devices are undamaged and securely connected to the power station’s ports. You should always use the Vault in a relatively cool environment without excessive moisture, humidity, or extreme temperatures to ensure proper operation.

The Vault is designed to support devices up to 150W. If you try to charge a device that requires over 150W, the power station will activate its overpower protection feature and automatically turn off. Remove that device and the Vault should stay powered on.

If you plan to go long periods without using the Vault, remember to charge it once a month to keep its battery healthy. This unit is not waterproof. Do not expose it to water or other liquids, extremely high or low temperatures, or high levels of humidity. Keep away from corrosive materials.

This can happen if you are charging several of our devices at once, or if the Vault has been running for long periods of time. This may also occur if the Vault is running low on power, or if it is not on a flat and sturdy surface.

If it’s making an excessive amount of noise, turn the Vault off, unplug all your devices, then charge it back up to 100%. Move the power station to a different surface in a dry and cool environment, if necessary. You can also try cleaning the power station with a soft dry or damp cloth. Do not use the cloth with cleaning agents or other chemical solutions.

Check that the Vault is not visibly damaged or malfunctioning in any way, and ensure that all parts are connected properly and securely. Stop using the Vault right away if you also notice it is swollen or enlarged, if it’s leaking, or if you notice any kind of unusual smell. Feel free to reach out to Customer Service if you have any further questions or concerns

It is normal for the Vault to get warm or hot while you use it, especially if you are charging several devices at once. It also contains 36 LED bulbs that can get hot if the LED light is turned on for prolonged periods of time. It should also turn off on its own if it gets too hot. If the Vault’s operating temperature reaches 194°F (90°C), it will automatically shut down to avoid overheating.

When the Vault feels exceedingly warm, try turning it off for a bit and letting it cool down. Be sure to keep it away from flammable objects and excessive heat. Alternatively, try unplugging one of your larger devices from the Vault and see if that cools it down. Be sure the Vault is not low on power, as its battery may have to work harder to charge your devices if it doesn’t have much power left.

Again, make sure all components of the Vault are properly set up and securely attached, and check that no cables or other components are frayed, damaged, smoking, burning, or visibly malfunctioning. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the power station by yourself. This can void any warranty in place and cause serious injury to yourself and others, as well as severe damage to the product. Immediately contact our Customer Service team instead for further information.

Never use or store the Vault in hot or humid environments. You should also keep it away from water or other liquids, including sinks, bathtubs, or pools. These environments can either severely damage the power station, or significantly reduce its charging capabilities for you in the future. Excessive heat and humidity can ruin the Vault’s internal circuitry and ultimately reduce its overall lifespan.

Only use and store the Vault in a cool, dry environment, on a surface that’s flat, hard, and sturdy. Floors, tables, countertops, and other surfaces that won’t be affected by the Vault’s heat if it warms up are all good choices. Never place the Vault on a bed, couch, or other uneven and soft surface that can catch on fire easily.