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ionvac™ SmartClean V2


The SmartClean V2 is back and better—this time with gyroscope navigation technology. It uses self-navigating sensors that map your home for more effective and efficient cleaning. The SmartClean V2 is an intelligent vacuum that travels through living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, and more to deliver a hassle-free cleaning experience. It can easily navigate from hardwood floors to rugs and carpets with rubber wheels that grip. The SmartClean V2 includes a complete cleaning system equipped with side brushes that pull dirt and debris into the suction area, a roller brush to capture even the smallest particles, and a powerful suction vent that draws dirt, dust, and debris into a large dustbin. Built-in multi-directional movement and sensors identify stairs and avoid collisions. Its slim frame quietly utilizes a super-efficient, three-stage cleaning system that has four modes.
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