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PowerDock 2-Outlet


The tzumi PowerDock offers a safer way to stay powered. Built with multiple AC outlets and USB ports, this surge protector safely charges and powers multiple devices at once and defends against damage-causing voltage spikes. Plus, the integrated phone stand always keeps your smartphone upright and easily accessible, making the PowerDock the perfect solution for powering your home, office, and more!
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There are a couple of key things to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for a new surge protector. The most important ones include what devices you’re protecting, where you plan to use the surge protector, how many ports it has, and its joules rating, which is how many joules of energy the protector can take before failing. All of these factors will have a big influence on what kind of surge protector you buy.

You want to look for a surge protector that is adaptable and able to be used just about anywhere in your home or office. There are a few different kinds of surge protectors, but those with a long power cable that can reach out farther than other surge protectors are extremely valuable for those with limited mobility or small, cramped spaces. In addition, make sure the options you look at have multiple charging ports that can power or charge your phone, tablet, laptop, and other electronics with ease. Those with both AC and USB ports

Perhaps the most crucial component to consider is how much energy your prospective surge protector can take on before failing. You want one that has a high joule rating and can handle thousands of joules at once. Smaller items like clocks, phones, and lamps require less joules, around 1,000, while larger electronics like TVs and computers usually need over 2,000. This is a critical thing to be aware of before purchasing a surge protector, as it’ll make all the difference in whether it can safely and reliably keep all of your devices powered.

The tzumi PowerDock 2-Outlet Surge Protector is a very popular and highly-rated product on Home Depot. With an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 stars from 13 reviews and counting, it’s a surge protector that many people love and trust thanks to its great features.

Built with 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, the tzumi PowerDock is a safe and reliable tool that’ll help you stay powered. This powerful surge protector safely powers and charges multiple devices at once, while also defending against damage-causing voltage spikes. The 5ft. power cable gives you added range and versatility for where you can place the surge protector, while its ETL-certified and flame-resistant polycarbonate design provides maximum safety and durability.

Plus, the integrated phone stand always keeps your smartphone upright and easily accessible for whenever you may need it, making the PowerDock the perfect solution for powering your home, office, and more!

Although this depends on where you shop and some of the surge protector’s key characteristics, some of the cheapest ones usually cost around $6-$8, while the more expensive surge protectors can approach $45-$50.

The price of a surge protector is heavily influenced by its joules rating, cord length, number of USB ports, maximum output/current, and safety and power certifications, among other things. You want a high-powered, durable surge protector, one with lots of USB ports for all your devices and a reasonable price tag.

The tzumi PowerDock is a shining example of a surge protector that masterfully blends both value and affordability into a compact, reliable product. If you want to get the most out of your surge protector without breaking the bank, then the PowerDock is a great choice for virtually everyone.

Anyone with a large number of electronic devices will love having a surge protector!

Whether you’re a carpenter with dozens of high-energy power tools to use, an office executive with 2 computers and a large printer, or a hardcore gamer with an extensive gaming setup, you’ll definitely be able to benefit from having a surge protector on hand.  Those with lots of expensive electronics, including gaming consoles, TVs, printers, and especially computers, will want to invest in a surge protector. It can protect your computer from power surges and spikes that can completely erase years’ worth of data and other important files that you won’t be able to recover.

So if you’re someone with thousands of financial documents, birth certificates, work files, or family photos saved on your computer, buying a powerful surge protector will keep all of that valuable data safe in the event of a storm or other power surge event.

Your PowerDock should turn on automatically once it is plugged in, and your devices should be powered instantly after being connected, since it does not have a power button.

If this is not the case, it’s important to see if all parts of the surge protector are undamaged and not visibly malfunctioning. Check that the 5ft. power cable isn’t frayed, wet, torn, or damaged in some capacity, as this will cause the surge protector to not turn on. Ensure your chosen power source meets the input requirements of the PowerDock; if not, find another power source that does. Clean the entire surge protector and its power cable, as well as your desired power source, with a soft, dry cloth.

If all of the above suggestions do not cause the PowerDock to turn on as expected, then there may be an issue with one of the surge protector’s internal components. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the surge protector by yourself, as this could cause an electrical short circuit, severe damage to the product, and/or serious injury to yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

It is essential that you know the joules rating of all the devices you wish to use with the surge protector. If a certain device won’t turn on or charge after you plug it in, then its joule rating may simply be too high for the PowerDock.

It’s also possible that you have too many devices plugged in at once. You should try unplugging a device or two, if possible, then plug in a larger device and see if it is powered. If not, disconnect the PowerDock from your chosen power source, then reconnect it after a few seconds. Alternatively, pick a different power source in another location and see if that helps. Your first power source might not have enough output power for the surge protector.

Plus, we suggest carefully checking both the USB or AC ports of the PowerDock, and the plugs that you are inserting into the PowerDock’s ports. Make sure the ports aren’t damaged, deformed, or obstructed by dirt or debris. Ensure that the prongs of your devices’ plugs are completely straight and free of any substances that could prevent proper connection.

Do not attempt to fix the surge protector on your own or continue to plug devices into its ports if you suspect that something is wrong with the product’s internal components. Feel free to call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI for more troubleshooting assistance if you still have issues with powering your devices.

Check that your phone isn’t wider than the maximum width of the phone stand. If your phone has a case or other accessories, then they may be preventing the stand from holding your phone.

In addition, make sure that your surge protector isn’t damaged or physically deformed in some way. This could keep your phone from fitting securely inside the stand. It’s also important to keep the surge protector and phone stand dry and clean, free of any water, dirt, dust, or other debris. These substances may obstruct the phone stand and make it difficult to place your phone inside. You can always get in touch with our Customer Service team if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Never use or store your PowerDock surge protector in hot or humid conditions, or near flames or other heat sources. This is extremely dangerous, since the heat combined with the energy output of your surge protector and devices could cause the PowerDock to heat up, possibly leading to a fire or explosion. This will obviously cause severe damage to the product and serious injury to you or your loved ones.

You should also never keep the PowerDock in any wet environment or near pools, bathtubs, or sinks. Water can seriously damage the product and reduce its overall lifespan. Keep the PowerDock in a dry, cool space, away from frayed electrical cords. Keep children and pets far away from the surge protector, since they could be injured if they play with the product. Anywhere next to or under a desk, table, or other surface that won’t catch fire nor conduct electricity should be fine.