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AuraLED LED Marquee


Decorate any space the way you want with the ColorBox LED Marquee! Inspired by the oldschool Hollywood cinema experience, this lightup marquee box lets you slide interchangeable and clear plastic tiles onto rails at the front of the box to make colorful words and phrases. Flip a switch and watch your words be illuminated with light, or use the infrared remote control to change the backlight colors and effects. The ColorBox LED Marquee can easily be placed on a tabletop or mounted onto any wall, making it great for home or wedding décor, birthdays, milestone celebrations, photo shoots, movie nights, and so much more!


Without a shadow of a doubt, our AuraLED ColorBox LED Marquee is one of the most popular LED marquee light boxes on Walmart. With an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.4 stars from 250 reviews and counting, it is currently listed as a Best Seller, and it’s an extremely popular pick among consumers wanting to add fun lighting to their home.

The AuraLED ColorBox LED Marquee took heavy inspiration from the old–school Hollywood cinema experience. It lets you choose from 144 interchangeable and clear plastic tiles, which include the full alphabet, symbols, numbers, and emojis, to make colorful words and phrases.

You can turn on the light-up marquee box and watch your words be illuminated with light, then use the wireless remote with 7 RGB colors, dimmable brightness, and several fun light effects.

The ColorBox LED Marquee can easily be placed on a tabletop or mounted onto any wall, making it great for home or wedding décor, birthdays, photoshoots, baby showers, movie nights, and so much more!

The price of an LED marquee light box varies, but it generally ranges from $15 up to over $100 for some larger and fancier options. Of course, this can change a bit based on where you shop.

Your ideal LED marquee light box should be bright, colorful, and fun, and have lots of tiles that you can customize to make fun words and phrases. Those with symbols and emojis are even more valuable and give you even greater versatility when it comes to lighting up any indoor space. The more tiles and LED light settings that an LED marquee light box has, the more expensive it will be.

LED marquee light boxes that are lightweight, compact, and easy to set up in different places are the way to go. It should be no trouble at all to mount your light box onto a wall, customize the tiles to your liking, and turn it on to illuminate your space. Other features such as a wireless remote and multiple ways of powering your light box will play a huge role in determining how much it will cost.

Your LED marquee light box should have a stylish design that can be set up virtually anywhere in a few simple steps, as well as dozens of tiles and LED light options for ultimate customization and fun. The ColorBox LED Marquee has all of this and more, plus it costs under $20, making it an absolute steal and the best choice for lighting up any occasion the way you want!

You can use an LED marquee light box to brighten up almost any occasion! They’re great for many events and social gatherings, including (but not limited to) anniversaries, movie nights, dates at home, bridal showers, weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, baby showers, welcome home parties for newborns and college students, and many more!

The sky is the limit if you have a reliable and customizable LED marquee light box. Our ColorBox is truly the perfect lighting tool for any scenario.

No matter who you are, you can easily get quite a lot out of having an LED marquee light box around. Whether you want to add some fun lighting for an engagement party or baby shower, enhance your living room for a movie or date night, or add a personalized touch to your bedroom, you’ll have lots of fun with the right light box.

People of all ages will have a blast if they know how to find the right LED marquee light box. Even older parents and grandparents that want to decorate their home can set it up and use it without much trouble, especially if it’s the AuraLED ColorBox LED Marquee. With easy-to-use remote settings and a lightweight design, it’s an absolute breeze to illuminate any room with the ColorBox!

Make sure that there are either 3 or 6 AA batteries inside the ColorBox’s battery compartment, or that the included USB-C cable is firmly connected to the ColorBox. Check that the cable is not visibly malfunctioning or damaged in any way. Ensure that your chosen USB-C power source meets the power requirements for the light box. See the included User Guide for more information.

Only use AA batteries with the ColorBox. Any other type of battery will cause it to not turn on. When setting up the ColorBox, only place it on a flat, hard surface or a sturdy wall. Make sure it is being used in a dry and cool space, since extremely hot or cold temperatures may interfere with the light box’s operation. Do not pierce, strike, or apply strong pressure to your ColorBox with sharp or heavy objects while setting it up. Strong impacts or shocks could cause irreversible damage to the unit.

If your ColorBox malfunctions, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Doing so will void the warranty, and may cause physical injury or permanent damage to the product. Instead, please call or email us 1-855-GO-TZUMI or, and an experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

Check that the ColorBox is properly connected to your chosen USB-C power source. Ensure the included USB-C cable is securely plugged into both the ColorBox and the power source, and that it is not dirty, wet, torn, or damaged in any way.

If you’re using batteries, see if they are securely in place inside the ColorBox’s battery compartment. The ColorBox may not light up as brightly as it’s supposed to if the AA batteries are loose. Alternatively, try using the remote to increase the light box’s brightness setting. It’s possible that it may just be on its lowest setting.

Do not use the ColorBox in wet environments, as these can interfere with its operation. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team.

Remove the battery insulation sheet from your remote control before using it. Only use a CR2025 battery with the remote, and ensure it is inserted correctly and securely.

Move closer to the ColorBox if you happen to be standing far away from it. However, do not get too close to it either. Keep in mind that the remote only works anywhere between 3.5 and 11.5 ft. (1-3.5 meters) away from the ColorBox.

The remote may also not work if the light box is covered in any way. Do not cover it with any blanket, window shade, or other covering to prevent issues with the remote’s operation. Feel free to reach out to Customer Support for further assistance.

Never use nor store the ColorBox in extremely hot or cold environments. These temperatures can severely damage the product or the remote.

Also remember that the ColorBox is not waterproof or water-resistant. Do not attempt to operate it in the rain, nor in wet environments and conditions. Anywhere near a pool, bathtub, or sink is a dangerous place to store or use the light box, as it could fall in, and its internal circuitry could be damaged.

The ColorBox is detachable and contains small parts. It’s essential to keep it out of the reach of children and pets; this product is not a toy. Only use and store the ColorBox on a wall, table, or other flat, hard surface that’s out of their reach, in a cool and dry area.