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Task Lamp (Black)


Get innovative, convenient, and effective lighting when and where you need it with ease using the Atmospheres Task Lamp! Its distinctive design features a clamp that can be applied to any headboard, table, desk, or edged surface that’s at least 1” thick. On top of that, you get a 360° flexible neck for multiple viewing angles, an ON/OFF touch switch, 3 levels of brightness, and the freedom of being wireless thanks to its rechargeable battery. This easy-to-use, reliable task lamp just might be the last light you’ll ever need.
  • 360° flexible neck and versatile clamp
  • 3 dimmable lighting options with the touch of a finger
  • Rechargeable battery allows for wireless use
  • 36” USB charging cable included
  • ENERGY STAR certified
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Before you buy a new task lighting desk lamp, pay attention to its brightness and light mode settings, light bulb lifespan, energy efficiency, versatility, size, and weight, among extra features and accessories.

One of the best desk lamps on the market right now is the Atmospheres Task Lamp. It provides bright and reliable lighting anywhere, anytime!

This adjustable wireless task lamp features a clamp that can be applied to any headboard, table, desk, or edged surface that’s at least 1” thick. On top of that, you get a 360° flexible neck for multiple viewing angles, 3 dimmable lighting options with the touch of a button, and wireless freedom thanks to its rechargeable battery.

ENERGY STAR certified and lasting up to 40,000 hours, it is an innovative and ultra-convenient task lamp that’ll perfectly light up any space.

You’ll see many different prices while you’re on the hunt for a new task lighting desk lamp, and they can vary depending on several factors. On average, though, a desk lamp can cost anywhere between $8 and over $70, depending on where you shop.

A lamp’s light bulb type and brightness, power output, versatility, size, weight, and style are all important variables to consider. Your new task lamp should ideally have a long-lasting, energy-efficient light bulb, one that will last for at least 30,000 hours. It should be bright and stay well-lit; the best lamps let you customize their brightness and modify it to suit your needs and comfort level. Those with a high-powered rechargeable battery are extremely valuable, especially if they can be used wirelessly.

Plus, your new lamp should be lightweight, compact, and easy to use or store anywhere. Sturdy and ultra-portable designs are a huge plus, and if they also add a touch of personalized stylish flair to your home, then they are definitely a top pick. If a lamp has an adjustable gooseneck and clamp-on design that can attach to most edged surfaces, like the Atmospheres Task Lamp, then it would be very wise to consider giving it a try. Task lighting desk lamps should be innovative, convenient, and a useful lighting tool that can be used to make even the most menial tasks easy and fun.

Almost anyone can enjoy all the great benefits of having a task lighting desk lamp! Whether you’re an avid late-night reader, someone who does a lot of paperwork at home, or does garage work in a relatively dark space, a bright desk lamp is an excellent companion to have around.

The best task lighting desk lamps can be attached to any headboard, table, desk, or other edged surface with ease. You can use it for your desk in your home office, your bed’s headboard for when you cozy up with a good book, or your woodworking table when you’re doing manual labor in the garage. It can also be used for safer and more precise cooking or baking if your kitchen isn’t well-lit, making a sturdy and adjustable task lighting desk lamp a must-have for anyone who loves to make tasty dishes, whether you’re alone or with family and friends.

This depends on the type of light bulb that’s installed in the desk lamp. A lifespan under 30,000 hours is not ideal, while anything over 30,000 hours is common in most desk lamps. 40,000 hours and above is a great lifespan length, as this means that you can reliably use the lamp for months and even years on end without any issues.

As for the lamp itself and its internal battery (if it’s a wireless lamp), again, this can vary. A high-quality desk lamp can last for several years if it’s stored in a cool, dry environment, is kept clean, and is made of a durable material. For wireless lamps, as long as you remember to charge the battery every so often, and keep it in a suitable environment when it’s not being used, it should be able to last for many months without issues. It’s crucial to do your research on a desk lamp’s durability and light bulb lifespan before buying it, as you don’t want to have to buy a new one after only a few months. You want one that is long-lasting and reliable, so you can count on it for all your task lighting needs.

Make sure the lamp is sufficiently charged before attempting to turn it on. The lamp should fully charge within 6 hours. Check that the included 36” USB charging cable is firmly plugged into both the lamp’s charging port and your chosen USB power source. Do not use the cable if it is wet, dirty, frayed, or damaged in any other way. Plug the cable into a different USB power source if necessary.

Keep the lamp away from heat sources. Do not use or store it in extremely hot or cold locations, nor near water or any other liquid. Only use and store your Atmospheres Task Lamp in a cool, dry space, on a surface that’s flat and hard, to ensure that the lamp operates properly. Try moving the lamp to a new area, fully charging it, and checking the light bulb for any cracks or damage before attempting to turn the lamp on again.

There may be an issue with either the lamp’s internal battery or the light bulb if it still fails to turn on, even after following all of the troubleshooting advice above. Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair this product by yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

If you’re experiencing trouble while trying to adjust the lamp’s gooseneck angle, make sure that all components of the lamp are clean and installed properly. Keep children and pets away from the lamp, as it is not a toy, and they may cause damage to the lamp. Do not attempt to tilt or bend the lamp neck too far in a certain direction, or place too much pressure on it at once.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI for more troubleshooting tips if you still experience difficulties.

Make sure your desired surface, whether it be a headboard, table, desk, or other edged surface, is anywhere between 1” and 3” thick. Any surface that is less than 1” thick won’t securely hold your lamp, while anything over 3” is too large for the clamp to attach to. Gently clean your desired surface and make sure it is hard, flat, and sturdy. Try picking another surface for your lamp if necessary.

You should also ensure that the clamp isn’t filled with dirt, dust, or other debris. Gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth to clean it. Do not use the clamp if it is damaged or visibly malfunctioning in any way. Check that the clamp is firmly attached to the lamp.