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What to Know About Pocket Juice Power Banks


Is the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K a good charger?

In many aspects, the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K is one of the smartest options available when it comes to portable chargers.

Its powerful and streamlined 10,000mAh battery quickly recharges most smartphones, tablets, and other devices several times over. Not only that, but you can also throw the Pocket Juice in your bag or pocket and charge your devices on the go. You can use either the dual USB-C ports or the universal folding AC adapter to charge from any standard wall outlet.

With a long battery life, and sleek, compact frame, it’s stylish, multi-functional, and remarkably convenient for you wherever you may go. Plus, it has four LED status lights that accurately depict the portable charger’s remaining battery life, and always keep you aware of when the charger is low on power.

How do you use the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K?

It’s very easy to set up and use the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K. First, remove all components from the package. You should always fully charge your power bank after first removing it from the package, as some or all of its battery may have been discharged during transit. Use either the included USB-C-to-Micro-USB charging cable or the integrated folding AC wall adapter to fully charge your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K.

Then, choose a device that you’d like to charge. Clean both the power bank and your device thoroughly to ensure that the charging process goes smoothly. Then, with a charging cable that is USB-C compatible, plug the USB-C end of the cable into your Pocket Juice, and the other end into your device. The power bank’s LED indicator lights should stay on throughout the charging process.

Remember to always keep the User Guide that is included with your Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K for future reference.

Are Pocket Juice chargers Apple certified?

Pocket Juice chargers are indeed Apple certified. They can securely and safely be used to charge pretty much any Apple device with ease via a Lightning™️cable, whether it be an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple AirPods, and most other devices that are compatible with USB-C charging.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your manufacturer or our Customer Service team.

Is the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K charger compatible with iPhone?

The Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K is compatible with most iPhones.

You can use the Lightning™️ charging cable that is included with your iPhone to charge practically any iPhone model. As long as your phone is compatible with any USB charger, the Pocket Juice Endurance AC 10K can quickly and reliably charge your iPhone wherever you go!

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