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Troubleshooting Tips for your AuraLED ColorArc LED Glow Lamp


Why isn’t the lamp turning on?

Make sure the lamp is properly plugged into a 5V/2.5A USB power source before attempting to turn it on. Check that the USB cable is firmly plugged into both the lamp’s power port and your chosen USB power source. Do not use the cable if it is wet, dirty, frayed, or damaged in any other way. Plug the cable into a different USB power source if necessary. Do not use a power source with an input power of less than 2.5A.

Keep the lamp away from heat sources. Do not use or store it in extremely hot or cold locations, nor near water or any other liquid. Only use your AuraLED ColorArc LED Glow Lamp in a cool, dry space, on a surface that’s flat and hard, to ensure that the lamp operates properly. Try moving the lamp to a new area, fully charging it, and checking the light bulb for any cracks or damage before attempting to turn the lamp on again. Keep children and pets away from the lamp, as it is not a toy, and they may cause damage to the lamp.

There may be an issue with either the lamp’s internal battery or its light bulb if it still fails to turn on, even after following all of the troubleshooting advice above. Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair this product by yourself. Instead, please call or email us at or 1-855-GO-TZUMI. An experienced customer support representative will be happy to assist you. 

Why isn’t the lamp staying in the position I want it to?

If you’re experiencing trouble with getting the lamp to stay in your desired position, make sure that all components of the lamp are clean, especially its non-slip padding. Wipe it gently with a soft, dry cloth. You should also ensure that the glow lamp isn’t damaged or visibly deformed in any way. Never attempt to repair or modify the lamp on your own.

Check that your chosen surface is flat, sturdy, and hard. The lamp will not stay upright or at an angle if it is on a soft and uneven surface. Try moving it to a new surface and see if that helps.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team for more troubleshooting tips if you still experience difficulties. 

What should I do if the wireless remote isn’t working?

Make sure that your remote’s AAA batteries haven’t run out of power. If it has, then you should promptly replace the batteries before attempting to further use the remote. Only use AAA batteries in the remote. Try unplugging the ColorArc from its USB power source, then plugging it back in, or choose a different USB power source. In addition, you can try moving the lamp to a different room.

Do not use the remote from less than 33 ft. or further than 49 ft. away from the lamp. Move closer to, or farther away from, the lamp if necessary. Make sure the glow lamp isn’t covered or obstructed by blankets, window curtains, or any other object, as this may prevent the remote from operating properly.

Clean both the lamp and the remote with a soft, dry cloth, as the remote may not work properly if its infrared sensor is dirty or covered in dust or debris. Feel free to contact us for further advice if necessary.

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