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Buying Guide: Wine Coolers


Are there different kinds of wine coolers?

Yes, there are several different kinds of wine coolers available. Wine coolers are also versatile in the sense that you can place them pretty much anywhere. The type of wine cooler you purchase is up to you, and depends solely on how much wine you have and where you wish to place your cooler.

There are freestanding or built-in coolers. Freestanding wine coolers give you the most freedom in placement, as they stand freely. However, be sure to leave space around the unit and at least 12 inches above the unit to allow optimal airflow. Built-in and fully integrated wine coolers are meant to be set up in kitchen spaces, mainly bars or cabinets. Under-counter wine coolers are stylish, compact, and spacious, and usually come with two sections for wine and beer. Countertop wine coolers are usually small and allow you to store up to 25 bottles.

There are 3 main cooler sizes:

  • mini wine coolers
  • large wine coolers
  • tall wine coolers

Large wine coolers are the best solution for connoisseurs with a huge collection of wine. Tall wine coolers are elegant, tall, and narrow, look professional, and take up very little space.

Price Power Input Capacity Temperature Range Dimension
$120 30W 12V/2.5A 16L/6 wine bottles 53–65°F (12–18°C) 17.66 x 9.76 x 14.43 in.
Price $120
Power 30W
Input 5V/2.5A
Capacity 16L/6 wine bottles
Temperature Range 53–65°F (12–18°C)
Dimension 17.66 x 9.76 x 14.43 in.

Compressor wine coolers have an extremely powerful cooling capacity, made by compressing air and releasing it to lower the cooler’s internal temperature. Thermoelectric wine coolers, on the other hand, rely on an electric current, and tend to be quiet. They don’t need alternating mechanisms, compressors, or motors, thus consuming very little energy and not getting cold to the point of accidentally freezing.

Single-zone wine coolers usually have one internal temperature and maintain an ideal temperature for almost any wine. Plus, they can be integrated into most kitchens with ease. If you have several types of wine that need different temperatures to stay at their best, then dual-zone wine coolers might be the best solution, since they can store various wines at different temperatures at the same time. Multi-zone wine coolers are the smartest choice for you if you have a very large and diverse collection of wine. These extremely spacious coolers can store over 100 bottles in one place, at different temperatures for ultimate flavor and longevity.

What’s the best type of wine cooler?

The answer to this question will depend on where you plan to keep the cooler, and what kind of wine you plan to store. If you only plan on keeping the wine cooler in one place, or if you have a large collection of wine that you would like to enjoy, then perhaps a large built-in cooler could be the best option for you.

However, if you wish to take your wine with you on the go, or plan to store it in several different locations, then a mini freestanding cooler could be a better pick. And if you only have one type of wine, or wines that don’t each need their own separate temperature setting, then a single-zone cooler might be the way to go.

Thermoelectric coolers may be better if you wish to keep your wine near living areas, since these tend to make less noise than compressor coolers. But if you have a distinct storage area for your wine that won’t disrupt your quiet time, and you simply care about chilling your wine fast, then perhaps a compressor cooler is the better choice.

It’s up to you to ask yourself what will look best in your home and make it easiest to keep your wine collection at its most rich and flavorful. Planning ahead before you buy a wine cooler and knowing exactly what you want will make all the difference, and allow you to make the smartest purchase possible.

What should I keep in mind when buying a wine cooler?

When looking for a new wine cooler, you should consider its:

  • cooling capacity
  • energy usage
  • size
  • weight
  • appearance
  • noise level
  • shelving
  • temperature uniformity
  • cost

Ideally, your cooler will have more than enough space for your wine. The best coolers have uniform cooling throughout their interior (or different sections if it’s a dual-zone or multi-zone wine cooler), and it can reach those perfect temperatures quickly, consistently, and quietly.

Definitely pay attention to how many bottle racks a cooler has, and what they’re made of. Your ideal cooler will have lots of sturdy racks to hold your wine bottles in place, and these racks will be sleek and durable.

Finally, you’ll likely want a cooler that has a compact, stylish appearance that can easily fit in your kitchen, and not use up an excessive amount of energy or make too much noise. Whether it’s a mini freestanding wine cooler or an extra-large built-in one, it should be able to seamlessly blend into any space and fit perfectly in your home. Those looking for freestanding coolers will want a portable design that can easily be moved to your ideal space, while also maintaining that reliable and high-quality chilling for all your vintages.

Ionchill 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

Keep your wine bottles perfectly chilled with the ionchill 6–Bottle Wine Cooler.
$ 120
  • 6–bottle capacity.
  • LED smart display with Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature controls.
  • Soft blue LED interior lighting that showcases your bottles without damaging the wine.
  • Ideal temperature for red wine; fits most wine bottles (excluding champagne bottles)

What’s the top-rated wine cooler on Walmart?

Currently, one of the most popular wine coolers available on Walmart (and many other stores) would be the ionchill Wine Cooler. With an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 stars, from over 800 customer reviews, it is a top-tier option for anyone looking for a new wine cooler.

Stylish, compact, and portable, it keeps your wine bottles perfectly chilled with ease. This countertop cooler has a 6-bottle capacity, three removable chrome steel racks for neatly stacked bottles, and a space-saving yet spacious design. Its smart cooling technology maintains a constant internal temperature between 53-65°F and balanced humidity levels, guaranteeing that your wine will always taste rich and fresh.

Plus, the LED display lets you easily monitor and adjust the cooler’s internal temperature with just the press of a button, while the soft blue LED interior lighting showcases your bottles without damaging the wine. Quiet and energy-efficient, the ionchill Wine Cooler is the perfect choice for storing your favorite red and white vintages and keeping them fresh and flavorful.

How much do most wine coolers usually cost?

The cost of a wine cooler can vary immensely depending on a wide range of factors. Just a few include the cooler’s internal temperature range, cooling speed, size, type, energy efficiency, and weight. Online stores like Walmart show smaller freestanding wine coolers under $50, while larger built-in coolers can cost over $500.

You should look for a cooler with plenty of interior space for all your fancy wine, and plenty of sturdy racks to hold them securely in place. The more racks the cooler has, and the higher quality material that they’re made of, the more the cooler will cost. Moreover, the cooling speed and temperature range of the cooler can have a big influence on its price; fast-chilling coolers that can reach those ideal temperatures and keep wine nice and chilled will likely be more expensive.

Large and energy-efficient built-in coolers that can hold more wine bottles for a longer period of time usually tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum, compared to mini freestanding ones. Again, though, the size of your wine cooler will mainly depend on your needs. Are you someone who feels at peace having just a handful of bottles in your home, reserved for special occasions or when guests come to visit? Or are you a super wine enthusiast who loves to collect dozens upon dozens of rare vintage wines, and amass a giant collection to impress family and friends or woo a potential romantic partner?

All of these factors will determine how much your wine cooler will cost, but ultimately it is up to you. 

Where’s the best place to put a wine cooler?

Kitchens, home bars, and dining rooms are the most popular places for wine aficionados to put their wine coolers. These are ideal locations because it’s quick and easy to reach into the cooler, grab your bottle of choice, and pour a glass to enjoy along with a tasty meal.

Anywhere that has plenty of ventilation and protection from constant sunlight can be a good spot for your wine cooler. Lack of fresh air and hot temperatures from direct sunlight will make your wine cooler work much harder than it has to, and may ultimately shorten its lifespan.

Can wine coolers get as cold as normal refrigerators?

Most wine coolers do not get as cold as normal refrigerators, though a select few can. A lot of red and white vintages do not have to be stored at such a low temperature, however, so a majority of wine coolers can keep all your bottles at the perfect temperature they need to stay fresh for a very long time.

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