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Buying Guide: Spiral Lights


How does the Atmospheres Spira LED Lamp stand out from other similar products?

The Atmospheres Spira LED Lamp is one of the most unique and stylish spiral lamps out there!

Its creative crescent-shaped design subtly grabs the attention of family and friends that visit your home, or curious coworkers at the office. It can be used as a minimalist and innovative piece of décor for any indoor space, as well as an ultra-bright table or desk lamp.

The Spira LED Lamp has an energy-saving 5W LED light bulb, with a 3000K color temperature that’ll light up your surrounding area with ease. The extra-long 58” power cord gives you much greater freedom of movement than many other spiral lamps, while the anti-slip mat underneath the lamp base ensures that your new light will stay firmly in place.

ENERGY STAR certified and featuring a durable alloy metal trim, the Atmospheres Spira LED Lamp is the lighting companion that you can trust to keep your home or office well-lit!

Price Power Input Voltage Power Dimensions
$32.00 110-240V DC 12V 4W 16" x 5" (40.64 x 12.7 cm)
Price $32.00
Input 12V/2A
Wireless Output 10W
Charging Speed/Rate 2W
Bulb Wattage 1W
Item Weight 1.27 lbs. (580g)

What should I keep in mind when buying a new spiral light?

Before buying a new spiral light, whether it be a light bulb or a lamp, you should check its:

  • wattage
  • color temperature
  • energy efficiency

You want a light bulb that’s bright and has a long lifespan. It shouldn’t burn lots of energy very quickly.

It’s also wise to consider a spiral light’s size, weight, and overall design. You should mainly focus on spiral light bulbs and lamps that are lightweight and compact. These tend to be ultra-portable, and easier to use and store on just about any flat surface. Spiral lights with a sleek, modern design that seamlessly blends into any space in your home or office are the best choices.

Plus, it’s also crucial to consider whether your spiral light is wireless or has a power cord of some kind. The longer its power cord is, the more freedom you can enjoy when it comes to moving the light around to different rooms and surfaces. Whether you want to add a new piece of décor to your bedroom, or impress your guests with a unique spiral lamp in your living room, you are best suited focusing on adaptable, portable, and powerful spiral lighting products that you can always rely on.

Atmosphere Spira (Chrome)

Add stylish, reliable, energy-saving light to any desk or bedside table with the Atmospheres Spira LED.
$ 32
  • Minimalist spiral light with an alloy metal trim
  • 5W LED light bulb with 3000K color temperature
  • Anti-slip mat underneath base
  • 58” power cord
  • Energy star certified

How much should a spiral light cost?

Some spiral lamps or light bulbs cost under $10, while others cost $60 and beyond. The cost can vary depending on the type of spiral light it is, its wattage, power source, lifespan, energy efficiency, and much more.

Spiral lights that can last for 40,000 hours or more are among the most valuable (and expensive). If they also have high-wattage light bulbs with multiple color temperatures, then they usually end up on the higher end of the price spectrum. These tend to be larger and bulkier, though, and lack the lightweight, portable builds that smaller (and less expensive) lamps have.

When looking for a spiral light, your ideal price range should be between $25 and $35, if you want the best mix of both affordability and value. The Atmospheres Spira LED Lamp is the perfect choice, coming in at right around $30. This ultra-versatile and bright lamp is easy to set up, and features a powerful, long-lasting light bulb that will enhance any indoor space. Along with a sleek spiral design and a long 58” power cord, it’s the smartest option for adding a touch of elegant and radiant light to your home or office!

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