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Buying Guide: Smartphone and Tablet Holders


What makes the Fleximount stand out from other similar products?

The Fleximount Smartphone and Tablet Holder provides all the best angles for almost any phone or tablet! Unlike other similar holders that are bulky or difficult to use, this phone and tablet holder makes things simple.

Our universal phone and tablet stand can extend up to 11 inches tall, and securely hold just about any smartphone or tablet. It tilts to 45° for the perfect angle, so that you can enjoy hands-free video calls and viewing of your favorite TV shows or videos wherever you are.

Not only that, but it also features a sleek yet durable design, and a weighted anti-slip base that acts as a tray to hold small accessories. Whether you’re lying in bed, working at your desk, or on the go, the Fleximount Smartphone and Tablet Holder is the reliable and multi-functional companion you’ve been looking for.

Fleximount Smartphone And Tablet Holder

The Fleximount Smartphone and Tablet Stand is just as stylish as it is functional.
$ 14
  • Smartphone and tablet stand for hands-free viewing and video calls
  • Universal design that’s compatible with most devices
  • Extends up to 11 inches and tilts to 45° for the perfect angle
  • Weighted, anti-slip base stays put and acts as a tray for small accessories

What should I look for in a new phone and tablet holder?

When you’re scouring the market for a new phone and tablet holder, you should keep the following factors in mind: its ability to securely hold devices of any size, design (whether it can rotate or extend, etc.), size, weight, and additional accessories (such as a storage tray).

Your ideal phone and tablet holder will be sturdy and customizable. You should be able to tilt or rotate it to many different angles for ultimate versatility. This will make it a breeze to look at your phone or table wherever you are, as well as reduce strain on your neck. It should also be capable of holding most phone or tablet sizes with ease. Universal phone and tablet holders that will last a long time and securely hold just about any device in place are among the most valuable. Those with extra accessories like wireless charging or a weighted storage tray are even more worthwhile.

In addition, you want to focus your attention on holders that are lightweight and compact, with portable designs that can be easily moved around and placed anywhere in your home or office. Large, bulky holders that lack portability and customization will not serve you as well as ones that are easy to use and store in different locations. Our Fleximount Smartphone and Tablet Holder is an excellent choice for you, with a compact build that’s durable and adjustable to your liking. With 45° tilting and a weighted base for storing small items, and a universal design for any phone or tablet, it is one of the best phone and tablet mounts available!

How much does a smartphone and tablet holder typically cost?

It can vary widely. A new smartphone and tablet holder can cost anywhere between $5/$6 on the lower end, and well over $30 on the higher end of the scale, depending on where you are shopping.

A smartphone and tablet holder with features like Qi wireless charging or extra storage space for accessories will likely cost more than a standard mount. In addition, those with greater versatility, including more tilting or rotating options, and space for holding your phone or tablet, will probably have a higher asking price. However, these mounts tend to be on the larger and heavier side, and can’t be moved around as easily as smaller mounts with simpler designs. Your phone and tablet holder should provide you with both wide-ranging adaptability and a space-conscious design that isn’t a hassle to place wherever you want.

At just over $10, the Fleximount Smartphone and Tablet Holder is an ideal choice for anyone looking to customize how they view their phone or tablet. Its sleek yet durable design has multiple viewing angles, can extend up to 11 inches, and holds most phones or tablets with ease. You can use or store it anywhere throughout your home, office, and beyond with little trouble thanks to its lightweight build. If you’re looking for both high value and cost efficiency in a sturdy phone and tablet holder, then the Fleximount is the perfect option for you!

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