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Buying Guide: Leg Compression Sleeves


What should I look for in an air compression leg massager?

If you’re in the market for a new air compression leg massager, you should consider the strength of its air compression, how well the leg compression sleeves fit, how they’re controlled, and the amount of customization you have in terms of your relief. The best compression machines for your legs can easily be adjusted to fit your legs perfectly and give you ultra-effective compression therapy.

Look for leg massagers with velcro straps that you can extend or shorten, depending on the length of your legs. The more adaptable the straps are, the better. Plus, they should be comfortable on your legs, and not cause any pain or discomfort. They’ll also ideally be durable and last a long time, so that you don’t have to worry about them breaking or wearing down quickly.

In addition, you want an air compression leg massager that’s easy to control. Whether it be through an app or a connected LCD controller, your leg massager should be able to be customized to your liking in just a few seconds. Pay attention to leg compression massagers with multiple intensity levels and massage modes, since the amount of leg compression that’s needed for an effective massage will vary from person to person.

If your massager has optional heat relief or an additional feature for extra relief, then it may cost more, but it’ll also provide even greater recovery and relaxation that most other products can’t match.

PROfit Leg Compression

Rest your legs after a thorough routine with the ProFit RecoverMax.
$ 89
  • 3 therapy modes: pressing, kneading, shiatsu
  • Built-in heat relief
  • Great for full leg pain relief, therapeutic relaxation, improved blood circulation, and reduced swelling.

What’s the best compression sleeve for my legs?

One of the most versatile and effective leg compression sleeve massagers would be the PROfit RecoverMax. It currently has a 4.4-star overall customer satisfaction rating on Walmart, from nearly 100 reviews, meaning that it is a popular and widely trusted option for full leg relief!

The PROfit RecoverMax lets you go as hard as you want on leg day, without having to take extra days off. You can comfortably wrap your legs in each adjustable massager wrap, which features three airbags controlled by the easy-to-use LCD controller.

Choose between 3 air compression massage modes, 3 intensity levels, and 2 heat settings to find the right combination of settings for you. Portable and lightweight, along with a hard carry case, it can be taken with you wherever you go for muscle relief and greater peace of mind.

Perfect for improving blood circulation, speeding up muscle recovery, and reducing swelling, the RecoverMax is a unique blend of air compression, massage therapy, and heat, to serve as the ideal leg workout recovery device!

How much do leg compression sleeves usually cost?

Standard leg compression sleeves without any massage settings or heat relief typically average around $10-$20, depending on their size and where you choose to shop.

However, leg compression sleeves with air compression massage modes and heat settings cost much more. These can cost anywhere between $80-$90 and nearly $200 in some online stores, meaning that you should do lots of research so that you get the value and high-quality leg muscle relief you deserve.

Priced right at $100, our PROfit RecoverMax is an absolute steal, especially for the plethora of awesome features and freedom you receive when it comes to customizing your massage. With ultra-powerful air compression, optional heat relief, and comfortable leg straps that can be adjusted to your liking, the RecoverMax is a smart and innovative solution for enjoying much-needed relief for your legs and feet!

Who can benefit from leg sleeve compression therapy?

Nearly anyone can reap the wonderful benefits that leg sleeve compression therapy has to offer!

Whether you’re a professional athlete recovering after a tough practice, a seasoned weightlifter who needs relief after a brutal leg workout, or someone who’s recovering from an injury of some kind, you can always rely on leg sleeve compression therapy. Those who wish to reduce swelling in their legs and unwind after a long day of work will also greatly appreciate this kind of treatment.

If you’ve just completed a lengthy plane or car ride, or don’t move around as much as you should, then leg compression therapy is one of the best options for you. It’s a quick and powerful method of improving blood circulation throughout your legs, especially your thighs, calves, and even your feet. Anyone that works an office job and spends most of their day sitting at a desk is likely to have leg aches and pains, or find that their feet go numb over time. With leg compression therapy, though, those worries are no more!

No matter who you are though, it’s wise to consult your doctor before starting leg sleeve compression therapy, especially if you want to use it while recovering from an injury. Using leg compression therapy on injured legs and feet can be dangerous and slow down recovery time.

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