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Buying Guide: LED Light Bars


Where’s the best place to put an LED light bar?

This can vary depending on the type of light bar you have, but most LED light bars are great for just about any hard, flat, and horizontal surface in your home, office, or car. Whether it’s your living room coffee table, your office desktop, or even on the floor of your car, as long as it’s a sturdy, even surface, your LED light bar should be able to stay in place.  

No matter what, your light bar should only be used and stored in a cool, dry space. Environments that are extremely hot or cold, as well as those with wet or rainy conditions, can severely damage the product and cause serious injury.

LED Light Bars

Get a cool RGB glow with the full RGB color spectrum right at your fingertips!
$ 12
  • Get a cool RGB glow with the full RGB color spectrum right at your fingertips!
  • Via the included remote or the tzumiLED app, you can set any color and pattern, and adjust the intensity and brightness.
  • The app also lets you save default settings to sync the Light Bar to your schedule and lifestyle.
  • USB-powered; can easily be set up on any horizontal surface, making it the perfect lighting solution for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more!

What’s one of the best LED light bars on the market?

One of the best light bars around is, without a doubt, the AuraLED Multicolor LED Light Bar.

It brightens any indoor space with a personalized and eye-catching ambiance. This lightweight, USB-powered LED light bar can be easily set up on just about any horizontal surface, and is a breeze to control via either the included remote or the tzumiLED app, available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Featuring multiple colors, light intensities, and brightness settings, the Multicolor LED Light Bar adds a radiant RGB glow to your home, car, or office, making it the perfect lighting solution for your living room, bedroom, office, and more!

What should I consider before buying a new LED light bar?

It’s a great idea to do plenty of research before you go out and buy yourself a new LED light bar. You want to pay attention to its light bulb brightness, design, size, and weight, as well as how much freedom you have when it comes to customizing your light.

The best light bars have ultra-bright LED light bulbs that will instantly illuminate any indoor space. Some even have customizable brightness settings that let you modify the light intensity with just the press of a button. You should be able to customize the light’s brightness at a moment’s notice to suit your needs and perfectly light up any room.

Not only that, but a new LED light bar should be adaptable in terms of its design and where it can be placed. You should have no trouble at all setting up your light bar or moving it to a new location if necessary. Ideally, you’ll have many different color options at your disposal too, so you can change the color to match your mood anytime. Lightweight, compact, and portable light bars that work well on any flat surface, while also blending seamlessly into your living room, bedroom, or other indoor space, are the smartest options to search for.

How much does an LED light bar typically cost?

The cost of an LED light bar can vary quite a bit, but typically the least expensive ones can be found at or just under $10, while pricier alternatives can cost upwards of $30 or $40, depending on where you shop.

At under $15, the AuraLED Multicolor LED Light Bar is a compact blend of both affordability and versatility that can’t be beat. With an adaptable design that’s perfect for any horizontal surface, customizable lighting that relieves sore eyes, and a plethora of colors and settings that can be modified in an instant via app controls or an included remote, it’s the ideal light for anyone!

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