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Buying Guide: Charging Cables


What should I keep in mind when buying a new charging cable?

You should consider how long a charging cable is, as well as its connection type (Lightning™, USB-C, USB-A, etc.) and compatibility with certain devices. Ideally, a charging cable will have an extended length of at least a few feet (6 ft. and beyond is extremely useful). Longer cables let you use your device easier, even if it’s charging, just about anywhere.

Not only that, but your cable should also be ultra-sturdy and able to withstand being used constantly throughout each day. Nylon cables are extra durable, especially if they are braided, and can last a long time without getting tangled. A good cable won’t tear or lose effectiveness after only a few uses; it will be able to handle extensive wear and tear over many months.

Finally, if your cable can charge many different devices, then it is absolutely a smart purchase. Cables with universal compatibility with USB-A, USB-C, or other devices have the most value, since you can use them for fast, reliable charging in any scenario. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device, charging cables with extensive connection capabilities will serve you well for a very long time.

Price Input Power Cable Length
$27.00 5V/2.4A 12W 6 feet
Price $27.00
Input 5V/2.4A
Power 12W
Cable Length 6 feet

How does the PWRSync USB–C to USB–A Cable stand out from similar products?

The PWRSync USB–C to USB–A Cable is an excellent option for anyone that’s looking for quick charging in a relatively simple design that they can rely on.

This 6 ft. cable keeps any smartphone, tablet, or other USB-A compatible device powered up with ease all day long. The fast 12W charging provides consistent and quick power that you can count on, while also giving you the freedom and versatility you’ve always wanted.


In addition, it’s made of durable, tangle–resistant braided nylon that protects your cable from wear and tear of daily use, which can’t easily be said for many other cables out on the market right now. It’ll last a long time and give you much greater peace of mind, making the PWRSync USB–C to USB–A Cable one of the best charging cables available!

PWRSync USB-C To USB-A Cable

The PWRSync USB–C to USB–A Cable provides simple yet effective charging, with a 6 ft. length and high–speed charging.
$ 25
  • High–speed charging for a jolt of power whenever you need it.
  • Charge anywhere with the universal USB–A port.
  • Protect your cable from the wear and tear of daily use.

How much should a charging cable cost?

The cost of a new charging cable will depend on its:

  • length
  • wattage
  • connection type
  • material
  • durability
  • extra features

On average, a new charging cable will cost you anywhere between $6/$7 on the cheaper end of the scale, and $60 and beyond for the most advanced and expensive ones, depending on where you shop.

Generally speaking, the longer a cable is, and the higher the wattage it has, the more expensive it will be. Cables with 100W and more of charging power will obviously cost you a lot more than one with only 20W, for example. Longer cables that reach 10 ft. and beyond have much more range and versatility than shorter cables, but also run the risk of getting tangled, so it’s important to think about your charging space and your needs before picking the right cable for you.

Cables that can power an assortment of various devices without bending, tearing, losing their power, or getting tangled have the highest value. Some of the priciest cables available have multiple cable ends that you can swap out depending on what kind of device you plan to charge. Tangle-resistant, ultra-sturdy charging cables with simple designs and universal charging capabilities for your USB-A, USB-C, or Lightning™ devices will get the job done just as well, though.

That’s why the PWRSync USB–C to USB–A Cable is such a cost-effective and valuable option when it comes to finding the best new charging cable. At under $30 and with a reliable and durable 6 ft. design, along with universal USB-A compatibility, you can be 100% confident that you’re getting your money’s worth with this awesome cable.

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