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How to Remove Blackheads on your Nose


How should I prepare before using a blackhead remover tool for the first time?

If you’re not sure on how to properly use a blackhead remover tool for the first time, then this blog is for you. Just follow these quick and easy steps to effectively prepare your skin beforehand, and learn more about how to remove those deep blackheads from your face, chest, or back.

It’s essential that you start by cleaning your skin with a facial cleanser, then using a gentle face wash product to remove any lingering dirt, makeup, or other substances.

Then, you should apply steam to your face (particularly your nose) to soften your skin, and make it easier for the remover tool to extract the blackhead. You can do this via either a facial steamer, or a 3–5-minute hot shower. Do not over-steam your face, though, as this may overheat the skin and make it difficult for the remover tool to fully suck out the blackhead.

Finally, make sure to clean your blackhead removal tool fully and thoroughly. Use a soft cloth that’s either dry or slightly damp (depending on the product) to completely sterilize it. This is a crucial step, as any lingering bacteria, dirt, or debris can make its way into the blackhead opening once it’s removed. This opens the door for future blackheads in that area, and even potential infections.

How do I remove a blackhead from my nose?

You must be very careful when you are attempting to remove a blackhead from your nose with a remover tool, especially if it is your first time. Remember that the easiest way to prevent getting blackheads in the first place is to wash and rinse your face thoroughly every day, at least twice. You should do it even more often if you exercise a lot.

After following the preparation steps listed above, turn the blackhead remover tool on. Align the suction nozzle with the blackhead on your nose. Do this in front of a clean mirror in a well-lit area, preferably in a bathroom. Gently press the suction nozzle against the blackhead – start with the lowest suction intensity if it’s your first time using the remover tool.

Wait for 10-20 seconds, then check the blackhead. If it’s gotten smaller or has disappeared, then stop and turn off the remover tool. If it hasn’t shrunk, you can try again, or press the nozzle against the blackhead a bit harder. If this fails, you can try increasing the suction intensity level.

Do not continue if your nose begins to bleed. This means that you have removed all of the sebum, dirt, and dead skin from the blackhead. Continuing may cause deep bruising and/or injury to your skin. Finish up by gently washing your nose with warm water and soap, then drying it with a soft cloth.

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