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What to Know Before Buying a New Speaker


Which speakers have the best sound quality?

The speakers with the best sound quality feature the ability to reproduce very low bass frequencies, mainly with the help of a subwoofer, as well as high-quality components and stable means of connecting to your desired device.

With an 8” subwoofer and 2” tweeter, the MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker provides the bass and the boom for clear, rich, and powerful sound that other speakers can’t compare to. The large subwoofer produces some of the best low bass frequencies around, while the tweeter lets you enjoy much higher-frequency tunes with ease.

This potent combination allows you to enjoy all your favorite songs to their fullest extent wherever you are.

MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker

The MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker is the smart audio tool you can use almost anywhere!
$ 50
  • Connects via Bluetooth or through AUX, USB flash drive, Micro-SD ports, and FM radio.
  • Music playback controls and adjustable microphone volume and echo settings.
  • Rechargeable built-in battery for cordless use, with up to 3 hours of playtime on a single charge.
  • Lightweight and portable, with an extendable trolley handle and easy-roll wheels.
  • Includes USB charging cable, wireless remote, and wired microphone.

How much should an LED speaker typically cost?

The cost of any speaker, especially an LED one, will depend on a large array of factors. The speaker’s features, including its sound quality, Bluetooth compatibility, extra accessories, and portability, play a huge role in determining its cost.

Some speakers may come as cheap as $15-$20 USD, while others can be priced at well over $100 USD, depending on their size, features, and where you choose to shop. The MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker, though, is the perfect mix of reliability and affordability.

Currently priced at just under $60 USD, it provides a slew of great features that make it worth every penny, including Bluetooth compatibility, durable trolley wheels, colorful LED lights, and multiple media ports for ultimate versatility.

How does the MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker compare to similar products?

As mentioned earlier, the plethora of valuable features that the MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker offers makes it stand out from the competition.

It has colorful LED lights that brighten any occasion, along with powerful audio that matches even the most advanced speakers thanks to its large subwoofer and tweeter.

In addition, the adjustable trolley wheels and extendable handle make the MegaBass just as portable as any other mini handheld speaker. Best of all, with several ways to connect the speaker to your devices and enjoy your favorite music in seconds, the MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker revolutionizes how you can jam out to your tunes of choice.

While other products usually only feature Bluetooth compatibility or one media port, this speaker gives you a handful of ways to connect and liven up the party in a flash.

MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker

, Rechargeable Bluetooth Party Speaker with 8in. Subwoofer and Microphone


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