NAMO Smart Plug with Energy Monitor and Timer (4-Pack)

  • Customize Your Digital Environment: More and more homeowners are turning their houses into Smart Homes, connecting devices to their lives remotely and allowing control from anywhere in the world. The tzumi NAMO allows you to do just that – with just a WiFi connection and the swipe of your finger in the NAMO App, you can control and automate any synced appliance in your home, all without a hub.  
  • Sync to Your Schedule: Maybe the kids left home with the lights on. Maybe you prefer to have the AC or heat running when you return from work. With the NAMO App (free in the Google Play and App stores) you can easily set and edit your schedule and sync and group appliances based on their location in the house. The prongs on the NAMO are positioned with a strategic design to provide space-saving efficiency and leave more usable room on the outlet, freeing up valuable space to power more devices.
  • Your Alexa and Google Home Devices are Compatible: Alexa-powered devices allow you to fully automate your Smart Home and all of your appliances, and the NAMO integrates the innovative Google Home and Alexa voice technology to put you in the driver’s seat at all times. Already own any of these smart devices? You’re already halfway there - download the free NAMO App and get started.
  • The Greenest Way to Save: The NAMO comes equipped with a voltage/wattage monitor to help you keep your bills (and home energy carbon footprint) in check. The goal of the NAMO is to put you in charge of your devices with ultimate convenience while leaving an energy-efficient minimal impact on the environment. The NAMO App allows you to easily keep an eye on your energy totals so there are never surprises on the electric bill.



These days having a great domestic life is all about comfort and owning the technologies to that deliver that comfort. Nothing illustrates the power of this tech trend quite like the incredibly versatile voice technology developed by Amazon and Google, as seen in Alexa-powered and Google Home gear. Devices using this technology can be modified to control almost any electrical appliance and device in the house, empowering homeowners to become more efficient and eco-friendly while teaching them to saving money on bills.


Ways to Use NAMO:

  • Turn on/off lights and fans with ease
  • Govern kids’ playtime: remote access to TVs, gaming consoles, and internet routers
  • Remotely control humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ceiling fans, and holiday lighting
  • Electric tea kettles, coffee makers, slow cookers and similar kitchen appliances


tzumi understands the importance of smart living and the impact we have on our environments, and wants to teach people how to better monitor their home energy carbon footprint and have a tighter grasp on the activity in their home (while ensuring that their climates are truly controlled). The NAMO was developed as an answer to the pricier smart plugs that can be used to power lights (but not much else), for the homeowner that wants the best way to run a smart home without overcomplication. Paired with its free App for precise control, using an intelligent plug like the innovative and space-saving tzumi NAMO helps group and sync devices, set timers and monitor electricity usage, and help you become an overall smarter homeowner with an easier life. All without a subscription of any kind - or anything more than a Wi-Fi connection.


Because you should have complete authority over everything in your home.



*NAMO works on an exclusively cloud-based system. A Wi-Fi connection is required to control devices through the App; to use with a router requires the presence of a second router to control remotely. 


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