MagicTV USB LED Mood Light

  • A Mood-Boosting Glow, Anywhere: It’s easy to get creative with the placement of your MagicTV Mood Light: the flexible LED strips will fit screens between 47 and 60 inches wide, making it perfect for any television or computer monitor, but there are even more options: this adaptable Mood Light can also be applied to the inside of a car, inside cabinets, and anywhere in the kitchen or under shelving units for a special stylish glow.
  • Easy Installation: The MagicTV LED Mood Light is equipped with a strong and flexible 3M adhesive backing, so it can easily bend and be affixed to the back of any television or computer monitor, under-cabinet lighting for kitchens, in your car, and just about anywhere else you want to create a unique and subtle, mood-boosting ambiance.
  • Reduce Eye Strain: The soft glowing effect emitted from the MagicTV Mood Light is designed to reduce eye strain and strain-induced fatigue, making for a more comfortable viewing experience. This also helps to increase the perceived image clarity and enrich grays and blacks, so every viewer actually gets an individually enhanced view.
  • Fool-Proof Remote Controlling: All you need is a USB power source to add delicate ambient lighting to any scene. We recommend plugging in directly to a wall adapter for the safest and most reliable connection. Once connected, you’re ready to choose from a selection of 16 colors and 4 light settings, including Strobe, Flash, Smooth, and Fade capabilities.
  • The tzumi Promise: At tzumi, we are committed to providing you with the very best in consumer electronics products. We're convinced you will be happy with your MagicTV USB LED Mood Light, but if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us directly so that we can be of assistance and make it right.


Give your home living room a unique atmospheric twist with the MagicTV USB LED Mood Light by tzumi. Designed with a safe adhesive backing, this colorful backlight can be fixed directly onto the back of your TV or computer screen, enhancing your home theater with customizable accent lighting to coordinate with your programs and simultaneously alleviate light-induced fatigue. The color strips are flexible to fit a wide range of screen sizes and include a wireless remote controller, which provides you with the freedom to customize your selection of 16 colors and find the perfect brightness, rhythm, and color scheme to impress visitors and create the ultimate media-viewing experience for your private theater.


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