Bytes Cable Protector & Adapter Charge Pack


If you're worried about the shelf life of your charging cables, fret no longer: Bytes by tzumi are here to save your gear. These cute little cable-savers slide onto a cord’s charging connector head, hugging it tightly to prevent from unnecessary damage during daily use. Each critters silicone body is designed to be flexible and soft, and their adorable designs will fit on any charging cables universally. This adorable charging pack includes two Bytes, with one larger critter that hugs the included AC wall adapter and a smaller one to manage your cables. This adorable duo will keep you powered in style. Add a pop of personality to your tech gear and protect your cables for years longer!


  • Includes 1 Small Cable Protector & 1 Large Cable Protector Covering an Included Standard USB AC Wall Adapter
  • Universal Fit for Charging Cables of All Brands
  • Protects Cables from Breakage and Daily Wear & Tear
  • Built with Soft Flexible Silicone
  • Adorable Animal Designs for Every Personality

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