auraLED Submersible Waterproof Puck Lights (2-Pack)


Transform any setting with the auraLED Submersible Puck Lights by tzumi. These small puck-shaped lamps add a bright pop of light and color, immediately brightening dark spaces and delivering a unique ambiance. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, these lights are fully waterproof and can be submerged to use in Jacuzzis, pools, fish tanks, and just about anywhere else you can think of. Each light features multiple color-changing modes and a remote to easily control which colors you want to shine at your convenience. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a driveway, spruce up a holiday party, or just to have the perfect night light, the auraLED Submersible Puck Lights can do it all in a flash.


  • 16 Color Selection
  • Adjustable Color Intensity & Brightness Via Remote Control
  • Create Ambiance & Unique Atmosphere
  • Fully Waterproof & Submersible (Safe for Pools, Hot Tubs, etc.)
  • Where to Use: Pools & Hot Tubs, Landscaping Accents, Indoor/Outdoor Advertising, Lining Staircases & Hallways, Holiday Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Furniture, Interior/Exterior Decoration, Stairs & Passages, Arts & Crafts

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