auraLED LightWire Party Shades


Be the life of the party with the auraLED LightWire Party Shades by tzumi. These lightweight glasses are built with a familiar unisex wayfarer frame shape and clear lenses, perfect for wearing to concerts, sporting events, parties, and much more. Party Shades also feature a simple one-touch sliding button to power multiple LED functions, including a steady glow, slow blinking pattern, and quick flashing rhythm. Use the included Micro-USB charging cable to power up from anywhere and get the party started at the touch of a button!



  • Popular Wayfarer Design
  • LED-Trim Frames
  • Available Colors: Red and Green
  • 3 Modes: Steady Glow, Slow Blink, Quick Flash
  • Great for Parties, Raves, Celebrating Holidays, etc.
  • Micro-USB Rechargeable (Charging Cable Included)
  • Working Time (approx.): 1 hour with a steady glow, 2 hours when slowly flashing

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