auraLED Glow 6.5 Ft. Flexible Waterproof Battery-Operated Neon Rope Lights (3-Pack)


Add a bright pop of color to any scene with the auraLED Glow Neon Strand Lights by tzumi. These 6.5-foot LED rope lights are water-resistant and have a flexible, easy-to-bend design, making them the perfect accessory to customize your space or outfit with color. Brighten any bar or party, make a flashy statement with your vehicle, or wear in your favorite hue to a music festival. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, these neon strand lights will make you pop with color anywhere you want to make a statement.


  • The auraLED Glow Light is built from flexible ABS and can bend in any direction safely and without affecting the LED illumination.
  • This energy-saving model only requires 2 AA batteries, and will provide up to 10 hours of bright, colorful light.
  • Includes a controller with a belt clip for easy hands-free controlling.
  • Perfect for raves, costumes, parties and more!

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