auraLED 18 Ft. Weatherproof Multicolor Rope Light


The auraLED Weatherproof Rope Light is a smart and efficient choice for instantly lighting up a yard or room with color. Completely waterproof and dust-tight, the rope light can be affixed to most surfaces and only requires 2 AA batteries for up to 10 hours of operation. In most cases, the unit and its LEDs will even operate properly after cutting or removing a length of the rope! This provides easy customization for you to fit any space and build custom backlights for TVs and computers, line hallways or doors, and bring plain walls to life.  



  • The auraLED 18 Ft. Rope Light is built from flexible transparent PVC and can bend in any direction safely and without affecting the LED illumination.
  • This energy-saving model only requires 2 AA batteries, and will provide up to 10 hours of bright, colorful light.
  • The rope light is waterproof and can be used to decorate almost any setting, indoors or out.
  • Safe and easy to apply to surfaces such as glass, windows, walls, and most other places.
  • Package Contents: 18 Ft. Weatherproof Rope Light, Power Cord with Connectors, Transparent End Cap

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