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Portable Power Station

SKU: 8263SC
 UPC: 841351182638

Whether it’s for a camping excursion or powering household appliances in a pinch, the Tzumi Vault Power Station is the perfect all-in-one energy solution for both travel and domestic needs. This portable power station provides 50,400 mAh of internal power and is sturdily built for travel with a flexible carry handle. Charge up your smartphone or tablet, your laptop, TV, mini-fridge, and just about any other low-consumption device you own with reliable, streamlined speed.

  • Reliable on-the-go power to a wide range of devices
  • Easy-to-read LCD display for battery life and charging output
  • Heavy-duty fireproof build with cooling fan and soft carrying handle
  • Eco-friendly battery and auto-off power-saving feature
  • Battery capacity: 50,400 mAh Li-ion internal battery*

The rated internal battery capacity for this Tzumi product will vary depending on the discharge rate and the temperature range in which the device operates. The actual output will be less.



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