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Megabass LED Jobsite Speaker

LED Jobsite Speaker

SKU: 7485SC
 UPC: 841351174855

The Megabass LED Jobsite Speaker delivers serious bass, all while having smart audio features and great portability. It's ideal for outside work, tailgating, parties, or chilling out at the beach—the speaker has wheels and a carrying handle, so transportation is easy! It also comes with a wired microphone, which is perfect for karaoke.

  • Bass that goes BOOM with an 8” subwoofer and 2” tweeter
  • Wired, adjustable microphone
  • Remote controlled, color changing LED lights
  • Portable design with a 10” telescopic handle and trolly-style wheels
  • FM radio, USB charger, micro SD card slot card, AUX-in jack, Bluetooth 5.0, and an LCD display



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