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Gravity Lamp

Desk Lamp with Floating LED Bulb

SKU: 7863SC
 UPC: 841351178631

Defy gravity with this fancy lamp that features a LED light bulb that levitates in midair, adding instant flavor to any indoor space! Utilizing magnetic induction, the Atmospheres Gravity Lamp produces a soft, warm glow that hovers gracefully over a sleek chrome and wooden base that can also charge your devices. Woo your friends and loved ones with this cool and unique lamp.

  • LED light bulb floats in mid air
  • Simple touch controls for ON/OFF
  • Wireless charging
  • A soft, warm, and energy efficient light with 1W bulb wattage and a 40,000-hour bulb life
  • A great gift for family members, friends, kids, and more!



Out of Stock

Floating In Air

Upgrade from the traditional desk lamp and style standards with this energy efficient statement piece. It's not your ordinary lamp, to say the least!

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