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Fusion Clean (Orange)

Multi-Use Cordless Vacuum

SKU: 8201SC
 UPC: 841351182010

The Fusion Clean by ionVac is a seamless solution for your versatile vacuuming needs from the home, to the office, to the car, and more. The 3-in-1 design can be assembled as an upright vacuum with the simple click of a tube attachment that can just as quickly be removed for handheld cleaning. Rechargeable, lightweight, and ultra-powerful, the Fusion Clean minimizes the hassle and maximizes the clean.

  • Cleans hardwood floors, tile, furniture, carpet, and upholstery with ease
  • 3-in-1 design as an upright or handheld vacuum
  • Easy to clean and effective HEPA filter
  • Super lightweight and cordless for ultimate cleaning freedom
  • Rechargeable power with up to 35 minutes of cleaning time on a full charge
  • Comes with multiple cleaning attachments
  • Replacement brush and filters available Purchase here

Get replacement parts before you need them.
Fusion Clean Replacement Kit



Multi-Surface Action

From hardwood floors, tiles, area rugs, and carpet—get the job done seamlessly. Move from floor to floor with no worries, delivering an immaculate clean throughout your home. Take a look at all of ionVac's multi-surface vacuum cleaners to find one that suits your home!

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