auraLED 6-in-1 Universal Backlight Remote


Control your entire collection of audio and video products directly from one source with the auraLED 6-in-1 Universal Backlight Remote by tzumi. From one remote, youll be able to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, cable box, satellite, and audio equipment with ease. Its also easy to set up and includes a guide of library codes for most recent televisions and cable boxes so you can locate and control your programs seamlessly. The remote also features an RGB LED backlight option which can flash in strobe or slow fading modes if desired, and can also be used to control a tzumi auraLED USB Mood Light (purchased separately). This can be used to when throwing parties, relieving eye strain and fatigue, or simply to create a unique ambiance.



  • The auraLED Universal Backlight Remote is designed to control the following devices: TV, DVR, DVD, SAT, CBL, AUX.
  • Rechargeable (with charging cradle) so you never run out of battery!
  • If you are unable to locate your misplaced remote, simply press the FindMe button located on the charging dock. The remote will emit a beeping sound to help you locate it when lost.
  • Automatic & Manual Brand Code Searches
  • Familiar & Ergonomic Design

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