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Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Clearance Deals!


It’s scary to even think about the plethora of great clearance deals still available, for some fun and innovative tech products!  From tripod selfie sticks and eye massagers to car phone mounts and electric wine openers, tzumi has got you covered. 

You won’t be able to get savings like these very often—if you’re unsure about whether you should buy one of these products before they’re gone, check out this blog and see why you should get one while you still can! 

Nuckees Twist & Grip

If you’re hoping to make high-quality video calls, vlogs, livestreams, or social media posts, then the Nuckees Twist & Grip is just what you need! 

This mini phone mount lets you place your phone virtually anywhere with no hassle. It can securely hold any phone thanks to its powerful suction cup grip, and can be set up in just a few easy steps, letting you keep your hands free and fully focus on creating the best content possible! 

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Looking to liven up your next house party or date night? Get yourself the Tend Electric Wine Opener at an unbelievable discount now!  

This corkscrew wine opener is the ideal companion for any social gathering, with a highpowered motor and easy-to-use design that’ll open almost any wine in just a few seconds. Along with a foil cutter that can quickly and safely remove most foil seals, the Tend Electric Wine Opener is sure to liven up any get-together, and leave you and your guests satisfied. 

Battery-Powered Lavalier Microphone

Upgrade the quality of any podcast, interview, song recording, or movie shoot at a sweet bargain with the ON AIR Battery-Powered Lavalier Microphone!  

With a compact, discrete design that can be used with digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other recording devices, this small omnidirectional microphone uses simple plug-and-play functionality.  

It’s also easy to set up and battery powered, meaning you won’t have to tangle with an annoying power cable. The ON AIR Battery-Powered Lavalier Microphone is one of the best mic choices for enhancing your content with professional-quality audio. 

ON AIR Selfie Stick Pro

The ON AIR Selfie Light Stick Pro takes your selfies, vlogs, and streams to the next level! 

With an ultra-compact and versatile design that can be extended up to 5.5 ft. tall, this handy selfie stick includes a detachable tripod base, so you can easily set it up in virtually any location. You can touch up your appearance and set the perfect vibe for your content with the mirror and the ring light’s 3 color modes 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to get your hands on this great deal, then perhaps the included Bluetooth shutter remote that lets you take sharp pictures and videos from a distance will. 

Along with a 360° adjustable phone mount that you can secure in place with locking turn knob, the ON AIR Selfie Light Stick Pro is the smart choice for getting the best angles and perfect lighting for all your content needs. Hurry and get one for yourself before it’s too late!  

ON AIR Video Light

Don’t miss out on the perfect glow for your selfies, vlogs, podcasts, and more! Snag the ON AIR Video Light while supplies last!  

This smartphone LED light and mount has 50 powerful LED bulbs, 3 brightness modes, and 3 diffuser plates to let you customize your lighting exactly how you want. The mount is compatible with any smartphone and will hold it securely in place, letting you focus all your attention on crafting the very best content. 

The ON AIR Halo Travel Pro with a smartphone in the phone mount up against a white background.

ON AIR Travel Pro Ring Light

If you’re in the market for high-quality lighting that you can adjust for practically any occasion, then you’re in luck! The ON AIR Travel Pro Ring Light is on sale at a HUGE discount, but it won’t be around forever. 

This all-in-one ring light boasts an expandable phone mount, as well as an expandable stand that retracts and folds back into the attached base mount. Plus, it can be powered via any USB power source, so it’s the smart choice if you’re planning to make a podcast, touch up your appearance with some makeup, or setting up the perfect at-home photoshoot. 

Not only that, but it can easily be folded up and taken with you anywhere, which allows the ON AIR Travel Pro Ring Light truly stand out from other ring lights on the market! 

Eubie ColorGalaxy Starlight Projector

Want to soar to the heavens and add an out-of-this-world ambiance to your home? Then the Eubie ColorGalaxy Starlight Projector is just the product for you!  

Create a beautiful starry atmosphere right on your wall or ceiling in seconds with this tilting LED projector. It shines a cluster of star-like lasers against ethereal blue clouds on your wall or ceiling, and with several light effects and settings, it’s easy to customize the light with just the press of a button.  

Set the perfect vibe for movie night or your child’s bedroom with this versatile projector. Make sure to buy one now before they’re gone for good! 

PROfit Eye Massager

Finally, we have the PROfit Eye Massager—at 50% OFF the original price, this powerful massage tool is truly a treat! 

The PROfit Eye Massager uses a potent combination of air compression, vibrations, and heat to provide effective relief for your sore, tired eyes. It also packs 5 massage modes that you can switch on the fly for maximum relief.  

If that wasn’t enough, this massager also has soothing audio to help you relax. It can also connect to your device via Bluetooth so you can enjoy your own tunes during your massage, and have a lightweight, foldable design for ultimate portability. To top it all off, the PROfit Eye Massager has a comfortable, adjustable strap with plush padding around the eyes, providing even greater comfort. Whether you’re an office worker, night owl, or college student, this customizable eye massager will help your tired eyes recover faster than ever, so you can get back to working at maximum efficiency! 

These remarkable clearance discounts are only around for as long as the items are in stock, so we highly recommend that you go and buy yourself one of these innovative tech products right now! Shop here:  

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