Why is recycling important to tzumi?

Improper recycling of electronic devices is dangerous
to human health and harmful to the environment.

By keeping electronic devices out of landfills, the resources that they contain can be
recycled and reused. Rechargeable batteries are used in many of our products and are
able to be recycled and repurposed.

We encourage our customers to responsibly recycle products containing rechargeable
batteries. There are many locations that will collect and recycle rechargeable batteries for
you, so that you can do your part in helping the environment, while keeping yourself safe.

Keep reading to find out how and where to recycle rechargeable batteries.

Battery recycling in three easy steps

Identify and gather all
rechargeable batteries
to be recycled

Built-in or removable rechargeable batteries
are used to power a number of small appliances
and electronic equipment.

To find out if your tzumi product contains
a recyclable rechargeable battery please check
the packaging or product manual.


Find a drop-off location
near you by entering your
zip code to the map below

Once you have chosen a location near you,
we advise calling to confirm that the location is
currently accepting batteries for recycling.

Many types of locations accept rechargeable
batteries, use the map below to find a collection
site that is convenient for you.

Some locations have specific guidelines you
must follow in order to recycle batteries at
their collection site.

Tzumi advises that exposed battery terminals
(both positive and negative) should be covered
using tape prior to recycling.

Bring all rechargeable
batteries to be recycled
at the collection site