Dream Vision: General Setup & How-To

Step 1) Download the VR apps that interest you. There are many VR and 360 apps available in the marketplace. We’ve created an app (Android only, iOS coming soon) to help you find exciting content, you can find it here.

Our advice: explore the VR titles available in your app store. Many of them will work great with the Dream Vision headset!

Once you have your apps downloaded, when you start an app – they may or may not ask for a QR code. If they do, use the one here.

Step 2) Make sure your app is in VR mode (split screen). Place your phone (make sure there is no case on your phone!) onto the lip of the viewer, and center the phone equally across the lenses.

From there, close the unit. (Make sure to take your phone case off so it will fit!)

Next, you’ll put the headset on, and adjust the lenses (underside of Dream Vision) and focus to your eyes. You can use the underside levers to move the lenses forward and back, left to right.

If your headset comes with wired retractable headphones, you’ll want to connect them to your device as per your instruction manual. If your headset comes with Bluetooth retractable headphones, you’ll want to refer to your specific user manual for setup.

For interaction in-app, the magnet on the side of the headset (Dream Vision v1) or the button on the top of the Dream Vision (Dream Vision v2 & v3) is to interact with certain VR apps – some have you stare at an object, some use the magnet/button for interaction. Unfortunately, we don’t have control of what other developers program, but we can say most VR apps work in one of those two ways. Some developers have added Bluetooth controller support, but you would have to check with them for compatibility. If your Dream Vision came with a Bluetooth controller, our controller is only mapped to our two games – but it may or may not work on others depending on the developer.

If Your Dream Vision Came with the Power Cube & Bluetooth Remote (v2 & v3)

We have partnered with another game studio to bring you 2 games that work with the Dream Vision and the Dream Vision Remote. You can find them below:

The Guardian: The Killing Zone

Google Play Store
App Store (Apple iOS)

Robot Resurrection

Google Play Store
App Store (Apple iOS)

To Use the Power Cube

Download one of our two apps above, launch the app, and select the power cube option. Point your device’s camera at the power cube – and you’ll be able to use AR to outfit your player!

To Pair the Controller:

  • Make sure the 2 AAA batteries are installed correctly.
  • Make sure your phone has Bluetooth turned on and is in pairing mode.
  • (Certain Models Only) Make sure the switch on the side of the remote is switched to either iOS or Android based on your device.
  • Make sure to keep the remote and the phone within 3 ft during pairing.
  • Press and hold the power button for 6 – 10 seconds until the blue light on the remote flashes.
  • Look for and select the “DV Controller” in your device’s Bluetooth discovery list.

If you follow these steps, the controller should pair properly.